Are these factors seen or heard in American society?

 Are these factors seen or heard in American society?

MARX,%20ENGELS,%20LENIN,%20STALIN%20PIC_0Cultural Marxism is defined as the destructive criticism and undermining of all institutions of Western civilization and the traditional values underpinning it.

Convincing the parasites, the losers, and the weak-minded people in society that they are actually innocent victims in their plight is key to the success of Cultural Marxism. Once this psychological ideology infiltrates and totally possesses the requisite number of individuals within the masses, it becomes an unstoppable force for Communist Revolution.

First, the so-called Communist Theorist identifies the culprit causing the predicament of the innocent, downtrodden people in the masses. Then the Communist Theorist promises that once they are entrusted with absolute power (political, military, judicial, media, educational, and economic), they will avenge those innocent, oppressed people in society by exacting an ultimate, well-deserved revenge against their nemesis.

This is exactly the reason why so much has been referenced to America as a “nanny state” with the latest terms coming to broadband media are “white privilege” and/or “No Justice or No Peace.”

But it is indeed a smokescreen, a facade, a deception, a total lie. Once the Communists possess absolute power, they begin a reign of terror against ALL PEOPLE in the nation. The Communists brutally purge and murder millions of innocent individuals in order to instill a gripping, controlling fear within the masses. This means justifies their ends and solidifies their totalitarian control.

Cultural Marxism is the undergirding foundation that propels political correctness in American society today. Just after Lenin successfully completed his Communist Revolution in Russia, the ruling Bolsheviks created an institution called the Communist International, because they wholeheartedly believed Karl Marx who taught that the entire world would eventually transition to full blown Communism.

A critical component that would instigate this transformation to Communism was the bal-university-of-baltimore-closes-amid-high-school-purge-threat-20150427annihilation of Western Christianity, which Antonio Gramsci theorized was the primary obstacle preventing a Communist New World Order. Gramsci argued that the Christian faith had tainted members of the working class in Western civilization and that the West would have to be de-Christianized through the obliteration of all traditional, Christian values and institutions. During their elongated trek through society, Communists would have to infiltrate and corrupt the traditional family, schools, churches, entertainment, media, civic organizations, science, literature and actually re-write human history.

Everything originating in Western civilization was to be attacked, ridiculed and mocked. Blame for all of the world’s problems was to be assigned to the failings of Western culture and Capitalism. Through the construct of Cultural Pessimism, citizens would eventually begin to despise their own society, despite having experienced tremendous personal success. If a lie is repeated often enough it becomes the truth in many people’s minds.

Instead of a disgruntled working class being the ultimate instigator of a Communist Revolution, marginalized groups would be the societal catalyst leading the way. Alienated groups like activist homosexuals, feminists, and black militants would use Political Correctness and Cultural Terrorism to wage war against white males, Christians, heterosexuals, capitalists and all things that were founded on traditional Western values and morals. Of course the so-called victim groups would be defended and exalted, as public debate was stifled and suffocated.

Does any of this sound familiar in today’s American society?

In America, it is not only our right to question the government it is our duty to do so in order to protect our freedom and to ensure the continued, peaceful longevity of our Democratic Constitutional Republic. The United States of America is indeed God’s shining city set upon a hill. We are the last, best hope for all mankind.


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