How about the POTUS and Secretary of State..?

How about the POTUS and Secretary of State..?

obama-ixoye“No one is such a liar as the man who is indignant,” wrote German scholar Friedrich Nietzsche. Think of all the righteous indignation expressed by members of the Obama administration as their accounting of the fatal Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, was challenged.

Now, nearly three years after Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were murdered in the assault, the smoking gun has been uncovered. And any remaining Obama presidency credibility has gone up in smoke.

The administration steadfastly claimed the attack was sparked by spontaneous fervor generated by an anti-Muslim video. But according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) concluded one day after the siege that the attack was planned 10 days prior by an al-Qaida affiliate.

And it wasn’t in response to any video but “to seek revenge” for the killing of a terrorist in Pakistan and to commemorate the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the United States, the DIA analysis concluded.

The implications of this lie are huge. The attack came after President Obama insisted al-Qaida had been vanquished and in short advance of the 2012 presidential election, that latter fact not lost on Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch.

“If the American people had known the truth … Mitt Romney might very well be president.” Once offered Roman scholar Pliny the Elder: “There is no lie so reckless that it lacks all support.” Pliny never met the Obama administration.

Now to make this relevant as well as equally as disgusting, today I heard Hillary Clinton saying, “One of the earliest problems she had with the man, Barack Obama, as well as the entire Obama administration is in the fact that the two had too many shared ideas on which way the country should go…”

This entire ISIS matter was known very well by both politicians in advance, perhaps even Political+Correctness3starting with Benghazi, Libya ridiculous events. I am not quite sure if you are able to pick this matter up — of course I am addressing political correctness.

According to my intensive research given the manipulation of language that invariably will cause despotism within the nation; subsequently, coupled with the threat of liberalisms’ collectively with cultural Marxism — please notice the Obama administration’s accounting of the events. What did the Obama administration originally suggest was the culprit?

Of course, an anti-Muslim video. We now know that the operation was planned 10 days prior.

The attack came after President Obama insisted al-Qaida had been vanquished and in short advance of the 2012 presidential election. Here is the language manipulation I have been able to collect: al-Qaida was a beaten enemy with very much thrown into the “little leagues.”

Just prior to ending this quaint yet overdone article of evidence in fact — Question: How many are reminded of the news agencies and Gawd knows everyone else this example should really assist those having difficulty — I think we can agree on within the first 8 months until at least 2 years in and after the fact, how many recall the ultra sophisticated Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton using their own naming conventions for ISIS versus ISL?


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