BMIssue One — Is without question one of the cruelest items to ever have been uttered from a commentator/pundits mouth. It actually was heard by myself and several others at a cocktail party. Interesting of note: although the television was at a very low volume level and quite openly, not influencing any one of the guests in the slightest — up until just before ending the current news program, the anchor of the show says, “So what about our President and his continual arrogance to break our rule of laws — in the Constitution”?

At which time a rather liberal sort started to laugh in an obvious attempt to distract from one: the basic communicated message; two: an attempt to deny and/or make a joke out of what the news anchor was getting ready to lead his next segment with; three: just one’s basic way of interrupting the comment and future discussion; and four: just the plain liberal posturing of “let’s look at anything we can find to disrupt this person’s closing monologue.”

End commercial break:

Have you ever witnessed any one of this quasi-professional men/women who obviously received some assistance or help from producers or anyone behind the scenes during the commercial break? Well prepared for war they’ve got the earpiece in for any further assistance and the liberal who tried too hard to be non-communicational and disruptive? Whereas normally the End Show finale goes: “We really appreciate our guests coming in from their daily demands and on behalf of the network we would like to present them with these special parting gifts. Or does the End Show finale resemble something along these lines:

“And we’re back…perhaps it was either something I misheard, or perhaps misstated;” maybe one of our guests could help me out — therefore, Mr. or Ms. Liberal what impact of law remains when the president of our country decides to have reckless and total disregard for the fundamentals in our Constitution or as it was previously called, “the law of the Land”?

In short we would like to proffer you with the latest poll data effective this date at 4:30 pmobamaz that stipulates that 70 percent of these people involved in this poll said that “although they could not, and would not trust President Barack Obama with their teenage children, they also felt that President Obama’s aptly breaking the law to implement his own or a new one (law) was reckless, showed arrogance, has hurt America’s position around the world, and keeps a steady supply of cases going before the U.S. Supreme Court, who incidentally just overruled Obama’s use of amnesty through executive order.”

That my friends, is just one Issue that has been bothering me since prior to Barack Obama being elected — which for all intents and purposes realistically, I must give credence to those who have been screaming their heads off in the streets something to the effect of investigating America’s voting apparatus.

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