Matters that are within our control

Going on to Issue Six; Matters that are within our control

danaperino0319-300x188Surely what inspired me in my graduate school days was far more likely found in my undergraduate days (Freshman to Senior level) that most often have the distinction of being conferred with the all omnipotent Bachelor’s degree. Today as I sit and write I am probably more proud of those moments than at any during my entire life.

The reason for such emotion is one, I planned the experience; two, I payed for the luxury of learning. Three, please understand that there were times based on matters completely beyond my control that took the hearing ear of a qualified professor or school administrator, and tons of prayer, which I am thrilled to write about.

There can be no medium by which I am able to say, what issue or what matter, influenced300px-Sacred_heart_of_Jesus_Cordoba_Mini me the greatest when it comes to my relationship with God. By the way, there is a reason why I am writing this to you today. If anyone were to look around and simply compare how America used to run as opposed to now, it would be astonishing.

Therefore spending nearly two decades in the student seats of education, and then at the very least a decade and more time as the standing adjunct professor, or where I believe the need for qualified people should be, within the high schools where every student knows that regardless of what grade they earn — there will always be the my parent’s to help me get through. Which brings me to:

Issue Six: I have had some of my most troubling ordeals when it comes to my high school students. There was a time in a teacher’s arsenal when grades mattered. So basically what I am leading up too is the notion that every student started my classes at a full 100% with a letter grade of an A+. Can you possibly imagine how long a traditional student managed to keep their A’s? Let’s try approximately two maybe three calendar months.

141024161438-07-washington-school-shooting-1024-horizontal-galleryNow as a matter of the status quo the first month in my classes is time for dropping all the baggage, and being able to tell a good story about either someone the student has selected or someone in the neighborhood. I never minded the gender differences insofar as it really showed male students what their female counterparts were very capable of accomplishing. Moreover, this exercise was accompanied with how or what a student could do to earn extra credit on their reports.

Time for realism: Most of all public school students gave about as much attention to this long, class time for ideas, meet and greets, Oratory presentation, Power point submissions, to include any other matter of technological expertise — day to day texting, notes of phone conversations, photos, and video tales, and finally a Journal of thoughts, learning, and how to make their situation better.

Sound fair-enough? Allow me to subject a few recurrent facts. One, normally I refrained from Asian to Asian students insofar as these days, Asian students march to the beat of a different drummer; it was far more advantageous to assign an Asian female student with some male from the Varsity Club. Oh yes, and for students who shared an immediate attraction — they were found new partner’s and no one seemed to care.

Today there exists a parent up to student objection process — that quite astutely continues to muck up America’s education system. I do not mind explaining any of these to anyone — only that I tenderly suggest we all come together and work on these much sooner than later. The elements put in list fashion look something like this:

Which of these precepts can be changed or altered?
Save yourself endless student loan debt realizing what type of person you are or could Alex Hamilton 1become.
Where does the love of learning new knowledge come into your sphere of influence?
Do you look forward to attending school? If so, for what reason(s)?
Have you ever participated in any school program designed to assist you?


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