Responsibility, Accountability, and Culpability

Responsibility, Accountability, and Culpability

eagle with flag design on wingsThis is one of those writings that one has set out a long time ago; however did not feel it was appropriate enough to involve our reader’s in. Yet, as I have observed what has gone on in our Nation for at least 45-years now I have finally realized that I can write about this now with the utmost of journalistic charisma.

It is one issue just to bring something up; yet, without supporting documentation or some kind of proof, one can be construed as a soothsayer and therefore nothing that that individual speaks, writes about, or says, means anything. Then again we’ve all sat through the endless history or writing classes that have relentlessly asked for our position on contrast or compare.

Well we’re not trying to compare anything up against anything with the exception of howciv00006 political parties, can and do, enforce change within the daily lives of the American people. Like it or not we’ve decided to disclose some of the observations — or changes — we, as well as our Nation, have endured in just the last reasonable time a decade or so and then we would be able to see where most of these changes are rooted and how they continually come up. Yes, this writing will examine the Democrat Party and after a half century what has happened as a result.

From the very beginning of our Nation’s history a large overwhelming government was the absolute pinnacle of what our Founder’s did not want. In fact, this opposition was so lethal in thinking that prior to the Constitution — several meetings, debates, writings and discussions were brought forth. The purpose of these conversations was to define federal power. Furthermore, as long as they were discussing power roles within government it was definitely necessary to have concern with State government as well.

But I digress, first the object of government was a matter of protecting the citizens liberty’s. These were also their civil liberties. Every citizen within a civil society deserved to be protected by foreign and national armies. They didn’t think to control guns or ammunition for such, insofar as people who owned them might be recalled to their state or national guard. Secondly the first function of the government was to distinguish the structure and then how to differentiate the powers within the branches. Other protections included to regulate intercourse between foreign nations and maintain harmony and intercourse within the States; others included miscellaneous objects of utility, restrain the states from various destructive acts, and provisions giving efficacy to these powers.

And the Founder’s did exactly that — they constructed a separation of powers within the various branches of government. This separation of powers was so extremely important to these individuals that it seemed as though it would never end — and I do not suppose that the system of checks and balances has an expiration date.

They could not envision a time whenever the federal government would need to change in size. If we remember our early American history courses, the citizenry did not nominate or elect a Senate. Furthermore, for those House Representatives there was never any reason why they should leave the confines of their own constituency. I can assure you that zero provision was made to House or Senate members simply because they had been elected.

CongressSo I ask the reader’s out there to assist me with details. Such details as where is it written that an American president should be granting amnesty to as much as 12 million foreign nationals? Maybe it is my inability to see how irresponsible it is to tax the rich 1 percentile so as to include a food allowance for daycare facilities.


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