A Gated Community, Teens at a pool party, the Police are alerted

A Gated Community, Teens at a pool party, the Police are alerted

movie-cameraI did not think I would ever stoop to this point to write a story but I have so let’s get to it. Undoubtedly by now just about everyone in America has seen this on either their local news channel, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter by now. That certainly doesn’t mean that the ordeal is over, it just means that someone had the presence of mind or otherwise, to video record the proceedings. Some therefore, should be saying “Ahhhhh…finally” whilst you must know that a generation of lesser than good moral or responsibly behavior and teens finally brought to fruition one crazed (right or wrong) and very outnumbered police officer.

Let’s see — we all are now law enforcement agents. When being close to McKinney, Texas, noted for its higher income residents and as the tape reveals is a gated community, when the dispatcher calls on all available police officers within the McKinney area to respond to a an apparent racial disturbance by kids who do not belong in the community.

Now what this recording shows us is one police officer running down a street before hitting his feet on something — that sends him to the ground tumbling — as the officer recovers the entire field of view of the camera screen is basically blank insofar as what is obvious is that this officer is chasing down something — we wonder if he is in pursuit of the original complaints?

Shortly thereafter this same officer winds smack dab in the middle of some rather Bo_9jTiLVX2pJI-Ufrenzied teens who all have got something to say to this officer. Now as the officer tries to get people sorted out — sitting peacefully and prepared to hear them the next scene we share from this video shows some very small pockets of individuals sitting and it is only by the sound of the video that we are able to see the officer slam an unarmed 15-year-old girl to the ground, pulls his gun and kneels on her as teens on either side of him begin to approach from both sides and henceforth the officer pulls his gun out before being brutally attacked. And of course there is constant shouting and, of course, record the encounter.

What is exceedingly interesting is that for the first 50 or so times that I watched the video I decided to mark a few individuals insofar as the rumors, tales, fabrications, and just putrid gossip is lambasted out at this officer by people who otherwise are not seen readily or immediately.

This is where the treatment for our film comes into perspective. On one hand, it should be easy enough for an entire generation raised on the most gutting and chilling special effects ever created by those companies who office in Hollywood, CA to observe this video with sound and come to their own conclusions. But that is not the America we live in today. Clearly the most interesting story comes from Tatiana Rhodes, 19, who said that she and some friends had organized the party and were enjoying themselves at the Craig Ranch North Community Pool on June 5 when the conflict with a white neighbor broke out.

The problem of first part is that there is no way that what these ladies stated to one another prior to hostilities broke out. Indeed the altercation did take place showing a black woman interlocked with the hair of a white woman. Furthermore, as more blacks hurried into the area and started assisting in the “fight — fight” could be heard from the shouting of onlookers. We have all seen the video tape by now. It is alleged that the film-maker and associates had this video put up on to YouTube before any of the local news agencies even carried the story.

cg7amiguqaawuuv (2)All of this happened before the police even arrived. The first segment of police involvement is at paragraph three. What I have been able to follow on this tape alone, is that the 15-year-old young girl, Dajerria Becton, is problematic. First there is a scene of her screaming at the officer — after being told to disburse; at the time of her screaming she is approximately 15 feet from the officer; now, it is unclear if she was pushed into the officer or what exactly happened, but she is in a waist bent position around his legs — the officer has no physical contact with her whatsoever — this is when the sound goes up on the video. It does seem apparent that the officer has something to fear (an attack?) and reaches for the commotion around his legs, who is none other than Dajerria Becton the 15 year old girl. The officer is originally seen as trying to subdue this hysterical teenager. Then she says the most profound oddity: “I want my mama(s)…I want my mama’s gun” this is at the exact time when three teen trouble makers looking for trouble converge on the officer and which time he pulls his service pistol and begins chasing the trouble making teens.


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