American Fundamental Disrespect…

American Fundamental Disrespect…

2011-04-27 15.16.54It has now become an Issue paper for the politicians, civic institutions, parents of especially middle to high school students, with particular focus on national, state, and local officials — for allowing this inappropriate behavior to continue to revel about without nothing being done about it. Okay, so what on earth is this writer writing about? Anyone who has been following this blog knows — already knows what is at Issue.

Issue Nine: Is the overall fundamental disrespect for American institutions and thoseWe the people who command them at this point. And just for my own musing I want to state that this matter is disingenuous as to how it may begin such as top-down, side-to-side, or from bottoms-up; however, in our many writings over the last months from Reclaiming America, The Left, Language Changing, Liberals, Cultural Marxism, Are these factors seen or heard in American society? How about the POTUS and Secretary of State..? MELTING, STEAMING, SIZZLING OF THE MIND, Matters that are within our control, and having a stare down view of what: Morals, Ethics, Values, and What they mean to You.., then putting together a comprehensive and well-versed or reality and language used regarding the current Civil Disobedience happening in McKinney, Texas of all places.

419105_10151238154313092_1906501386_nFor me upon reflection, our situation in America is causing cautious discussions from around the world. So am I kidding myself when I chant what the American Dream is all about or someone preferably under 25-years of age please explain to me what the latest nuance is considering the term. Just one last issue to bring up: There exists an attitude across the age demography that apparently goes something like this…One is in the work force or out of the workforce, as is one is either a doer and respects law enforcement and unequivocally shows that respect out of performance. Also do we need to have the Justice department setting up headquarters, refreshment stands, posters, and assist with all the legalizing and conformability of Albert Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the New Black Panther Party, SEIU, or others who seem to pour accelerant on the fire during the riots.

On the record this is basically what is happening in America as viewed by myself as well ashealth-care-300x300 several other writer’s. The institution of blame must always rely on the behaviors and motion of those who are at the top of their game. It is my impression from all that I have seen, especially read about, or even heard about to include the latest oxymoron, that President Barack Obama is stealing income tax return money to pay for the tremendous gaping holes in ObamaCare. Under no circumstances — would I ever have approved that law from entering our nation’s history. There exists plenty of more criminal and/or constitutional misnomers that this person is responsible for — ad nauseum.

Before closing for this article, our former Secretary of State, cum Senator, cum lying First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has opted to do what — well in advance of her appointment by President Obama — is use her position, prestige, and ungodly ways to finance her own company using the paid in charitable donations from countries America will not deal with. One, regardless of “the first” obsession that currently has our nation in handcuffs. Why don’t we elect someone who doesn’t have a propensity to break the law?


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