What the Hades is Going On?

What the Hades is Going On?

140615F-Caitlyn-JennerIn 2011, American singer Lady Gaga released a smashing hit “Born this Way” that empowered the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders (LGBT) community in America. It was in the wake of the LGBT movement. Soon, the song became a national anthem and a group that was previously in the minority suddenly had a stronger voice. During this period, American TV series and movies adopted the norm of featuring a member of the LGBT to give them prominence and show their support for their cause; a norm which is copiously evident till date. In fact, the popular Fox TV series ‘Glee’ which is known for its eccentric combo of minorities performed the song in one of its episodes to reiterate the fact that these ones have the right to express themselves.

Screech — tires heard screeching, with a few wayward rear-end collisions — fender benders. In other words, it has been a pretty good narrative first paragraph; but anyone well, almost anyone living in the good ol’ US of A would testify that there was a lot of motion, hocus pocus, and sorcery going on during that time that gave the LGBT’s their “empowerment.”

By the way it should be noted that this “community” is still a vast minority as well as still having a stronger voice; yet, there is a number of issues and matters that have happened pre-2011 that the vast Nigerian or other pages of whatever periodicals or journals need to know about — so that we could consider this an level playing field, which currently it is anything but level.

One significant piece of voting that was completely usurped by the Federal Court systemirs-logo found its way into the mainstream media. In addition, new lobbying companies and “Spin Firms” were invited (based on monetary conditions) and who would have thought it, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), put up new information where one could easily see the public monetary disclosures that were once held in “private.” And then again the endorsement by a sitting U.S. President, Barack Obama was not intended to do anything but solidify Obama’s own feelings.

In reverse order now, the validation as something as personal as this Jenner transformation being mentioned by the POTUS is for me — out of line, disgusting and unfair. When the IRS and other tax-receiving entities began to disclose the donor information, a lot of lives were ruined in the process. Of course with the media supporting special interest groups the playing field just woefully became so unleveled, furthermore, retaining their “Protected Status” as issued by the government certainly did not assist any further hopes, dreams, or aspirations of normalcy.

little gavelIt is not in my belief that any of this is bad. Oh contraire! However, any time that conditions such as Proposition 8 in California — a sentiment by the citizens of the state whereby they voted and won on the legality of same-sex machinations but even after it became law, the U.S. Federal Justice (1 man) ruled that the legislation was unconstitutional. I could go on but nah, it simply is not worthy of note. The other big piece of legislation that was ruled unconstitutional was the Act signed into law by President William Clinton — most people refer to it as the DOMA Act — the defense of the marriage act therefore meaning that marriage was defined as the union of one man and one woman.

Elinor Burkett on “What Makes A woman” argued that a mere visit to the surgery room to transform into a woman does not make Jenner a woman. Vanity Fair in the debut of Caitlyn Jenner had revealed the medical transformation the athlete went through. They include tracheal shave to remove the Adam’s Apple, nose surgery twice, hair removal and facial feminization surgery that involves corrections to the hairline, forehead, jaw and chin. Jenner was also quoted to have made some adjustment in her social life.


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