Who knows what (SCOTUS) is afraid of…but something is definitely frightening the Justices…

Who knows what their (SCOTUS) afraid of…but something is definitely frightening the Justices…

scotus_062215gn5Republicans are slamming the Supreme Court for upholding ObamaCare subsidies, questioning the logic that Chief Justice John Roberts and the majority used to spare the healthcare law from a devastating defeat.

“They deserve an Olympic medal for the legal gymnastics,” Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa.), the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee, told The Hill. The 6-3 ruling on Thursday in King v. Burwell maintains the power of the federal government to distribute insurance subsidies under ObamaCare. The majority held that the phrase “established by the state” was not intended to limit the subsidies to states that created their own insurance marketplaces, calling that interpretation of the law “implausible.”

scaliaantonin_041714gettyWith the Roberts court ruling in favor of ObamaCare for the second time in three years, some Republicans reacted with anger to the decision, echoing the blistering dissent of Justice Antonin Scalia. The ruling is “an out-of-control act of judicial tyranny,” said presidential hopeful and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

“Our Founding Fathers didn’t create a ‘do-over’ provision in our Constitution that allows unelected Supreme Court justices the power to circumvent Congress and rewrite bad laws,” Huckabee said. “The Supreme Court cannot legislate from the bench, ignore the Constitution and pass a multi-trillion dollar ‘fix’ to ObamaCare simply because Congress misread what the states would actually do.” Or was it the Supreme Court and in particular, Chief Justice John Roberts who put the ‘fix’ on the language within the law?

Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) called the decision “judicial activism, plain and simple,” blasting the justices as “robed Houdini’s” who “transmogrified a ‘federal exchange’ into an exchange ‘established by the State.’ ” He said that any Republican running for president that isn’t fully committed to fully repealing the law “should step aside.”

“For nakedly political reasons, the Supreme Court willfully ignored the words that Congress wrote, and instead read into the law their preferred policy outcome,” Cruz said. “These judges have joined with President Obama in harming millions of Americans. Unelected judges have once again become legislators, and bad ones at that. They are lawless, and they hide their prevarication in legalese. Our government was designed to be one of laws, not of men, and this transparent distortion is disgraceful.” If anyone is having a problem with this we call is the “Usurpation of Politics” as easily found in the Fourteenth Amendment or simply type into our sites search box.

On Thursday, the justices in a 6-3 ruling affirmed that more than 6 million people in 34350px-Supreme_Court_US_2010 states can continue to receive federal subsidies to purchase healthcare plans under the Affordable Care Act. Had the justices ruled in favor of the conservative plaintiffs, many believe the state healthcare markets would have been sent into a death spiral.

Conservative Chief Justice John Roberts said in his majority opinion that this couldn’t have been the intent of Congress when it wrote the law. The King v. Burwell decision was the biggest legal threat to the law since the Supreme Court’s ruling three years ago that it was constitutional. Why and how? Simply because you and you alone made it constitutional Mr. Robert’s in you 5-4 ruling.

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