Does Barack Obama have a secret plan to change America?

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So one of the long-lasting questions that literally is asked almost daily is: Does Barackdivider-in-chief1 - Copy Obama have a secret plan to change America? We as you probably know well, believe that he does.

Furthermore, Dick Morris says he does — a stealth plan that he has already been implementing right under everyone’s noses that will put the Republican Party out of business as a major political force.

Morris, a former presidential adviser and strategist, argues in his just-released book Power Grab: Obama’s Dangerous Plan for a One-Party Nation that America truly is at a crossroads.

Everything that we as American citizens once took for granted, from our civil liberties to our system of checks and balances is now systematically being put into question by Barack Obama and his radical plan.

In this blockbuster book, Morris exposes Obama’s true agenda — to turn America into a banana republic ruled by one party.

For example, Morris reveals how Obama is secretly pushing legislation in different states that would effectively abolish the Electoral College — allowing liberal states to bind all their electoral votes together for the Democratic candidate.

Morris says that already 10 states with 170 electoral votes have signed on to Obama’s law!

With co-author Eileen McGann, Morris has written the most penetrating exposé of the Obama agenda, one that blows the lid off Obama’s secret strategy to downgrade and destroy the Republican Party as a great rival to the Democratic Party.

The "Latte Salute"

The “Latte Salute”

Others have complained of Obama’s executive actions and abuses of power. But Morris goes beyond that to make a convincing case that Obama’s overarching strategy is one that ultimately grabs power from our traditional and bipartisan institutions in favor of a single party: his Democratic Party.

In essence, Obama wants to re-make America along the lines of a modern banana republic, an old-style Mexico where one party ruled by fiat.

According to Morris and McGann, Obama has instituted his plan by:

• Pushing radical immigration plans that will tip the delicate political balance in favor of the Democrats in crucial states and in national elections
• Implementing the biggest power grab of all, ObamaCare — the law that means anything supporters say it does
• Using this new “health” law to help create a permanent government recipient class who will vote Democratic time and again
• Gaining federal control over state-run education systems using the Common Core curriculum
• Asserting more control over private business by granting the EPA global governance in the name of climate change, affecting every aspect of our lives
• Blocking energy independence, thereby slowing economic growth and breeding more Emblem_of_the_United_Nations.svg (1)dependency
• Gutting welfare reform and keeping millions on the dole
• Turning over regulation of the Internet to the United Nations

The authors write: “Obama is a left-wing president who is desperately determined to impose his radical agenda to transform our democratic government and free market economy into his socialist-style ideal before leaving office in 2016. He’s a president who is obsessively fixated on keeping the left in permanent power by turning our two-party system into a one-party monopoly.”

Ben Carson, one of America’s most respected commentators, recently read Dick Morris’ powerful exposé of Barack Obama — “Power Grab: Obama’s Dangerous Plan for a One-Party Nation.”

Here’s what Ben Carson said about “Power Grab”: “I read ‘Power Grab’ and couldn’t put it down. Dick Morris thoroughly reveals President Obama’s hidden agenda.”

He then added: “This book is a must-read for all Americans.”

He is close to achieving his goal, Morris claims.

Only you can stop him.

So for those who believe what most experts are saying; furthermore, have seen and experienced enough of what one man can do, let’s stop him by attacking his amnesty programs, welfare reforms, constant limitless assaults on America’s system of entitlements for starters. Congress needs a backbone that is for certain — therefore, let’s get radical with our paid and that, very nicely employees — the United States Congress.

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    HIs agenda is far from hidden.


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