A Bewildered Citizen, speaks…!

A Bewildered Citizen, speaks…!

Samuel Adams“The true patriot therefore, will enquire into the causes of the fears and jealousies of his countrymen; and if he finds they are not groundless, he will be far from endeavoring to allay or stifle them: On the contrary, constrained by the Amor Patrai and from public views, he will by all proper means in his power foment and cherish them: He will, as far as he is able, keep the attention of this fellow citizens awake to their grievances; and not suffer them to be at rest, till the causes of their just complaints are removed…Samuel Adams (source: Essay in the Boston Gazette, 1771)

This powerful quote by Samuel Adams, as well as the inspiration from Lt. Col. Allen West Republic.com., that quite openly I had read in my “Reader’s section” that is an absolute must for me to be as impactful as possible, having now stated that I originally was treated to a fabulous article published by the aforementioned Allen West Republic, however in all due fairness I must mention one of my all time favorite sites compiled by Jerry “Mr. B” Broussard, What Did You Say?

For all of us who have not visited his site, the original title of the article was, “20 Items that Americans should be aware of…” which I will readily admit was funny, all the while being very sad, disheartening, bewildering, and true. Therefore, I decided immediately that I would proffer some in my space, albeit, I do have an extraordinary amount to say about these issues, moreover, I can add so much more. But first I would be indebted to everyone who could follow along for some Founder’s quotes. Which of course leads me straight away to Alexander Hamilton’s piece below:

“Some of the consequences of a dissolution of the Union, and the establishment of partial confederacies had been pointed out. He would add another of a most serious nature. Alliances will immediately be formed with different rival and hostile nations of Europe, [or the Middle East] who will foment disturbances among ourselves and make us parties to all their own quarrels. Foreign nations having American dominion are, and must be, jealous of us.  It had been said that respectability in the eyes of foreign nations was not the object at which we aimed; that the proper object of republican government was domestic tranquility and happiness. This was an ideal distinction. No government could give us tranquility and happiness at home which did not possess sufficient stability and strength to make us respectable abroad.” Alexander Hamilton (source: The Federalist Papers, 1787.)

Alex Hamilton 1I think that Mr. Hamilton is actually transcribing what many (or at least 50% of the USA population) may or must have been thinking. But please make no doubt about it whatsoever — Mr. Hamilton is explaining in detail what would happen to this country if we decided to throw up our arms and zealously screaming, “Enough is enough…We’re not going to take it” anymore.

Albeit with our current administration I think that there is plenty of evidence to show that someone named Obama would align with either the enemy he won’t publically identify or the one he currently sees as a vastly growing concern that something should have been dealt with — severely. I cannot help but be reminded of disturbances among ourselves and being deliberately forced into an enemies quarrels. But what indeed is inspiring about Mr. Hamilton is his acknowledgement of what the responsibility and proper object of republican government is — domestic tranquility and happiness.

“The true test of a good government is its aptitude and tendency to produce a good administration…” Alexander Hamilton (source: The Federalist Papers, 1787.)

I truly hope that you are able to see, understand, and feel what it is [common sense] a FFQFgood administration as compared to “whatever administration” Pres. Obama has managed to put together both legally yet more specifically, illegality. The only other question I have is when the Supreme Court or Members of Congress witness the President or anyone for that matter doing something that is clearly against the Constitution, isn’t is incumbent upon them to act?

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