Clinton vows to make ‘Comprehensive’ Immigration Reform’ a major Issue

Clinton vows to make ‘Comprehensive’ Immigration Reform

hillary_internDemocratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke to a packed room in the Iowa City Public Library this afternoon, accusing Republicans of proposing a “U-turn” for the country and promising as president she would push for “comprehensive” immigration reform.

In all sincerity, who even wants to read on? Most readers of this column would suggest one of two things: One, knowing that Mr. Jon Paul is an experienced writer, and the potential exists that he could change some rubbish around AND make it interesting and hopefully funny; or Two, forget it, there is nothing that J.P. is going to be able to do whatsoever that will lend humor to this piece of just plain sloppy politics!

Well the consensus states to combine points One and Two and run with it. Sounds good enough to this author.

Of the first part how many of our readers are getting ready to hurl? Spew your guts all overHillary Rodham Clinton the place? And when the writer says, hurl or spew, he is quite openly stating the requested norms of if one spews, then that person should have the control to sort of rearrange the steaming hot mixture in their stomachs that was once breakfast and the light lunch, maybe even the cute little snack eaten much later in the day.

So have at it specifically — let’s to separate all the pieces regardless of shape, size, or condition of the remnants. We feel that this is exactly what the new emphasis entails with Hillary Clinton publically speaking. So on with it…

Think she's got a clue?

Think she’s got a clue?

A partisan press, at the one-time Clinton News Network? So let’s see — My Gaud! Is this what those Clinton wannabe people are expecting to hear? Re-read the opening statement — ” accusing Republicans of proposing a “U-turn” for the country…as well as, as president she would push for “comprehensive” immigration reform.” Sound familiar to anyone?

So familiar that a much younger, glaringly more charismatic, individual from the same DHSparty used these exact words to defraud the entire Nation far too many years ago! And still worse — Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is further away from the problem than ever before. Yet, for those who voted twice for Barack Obama second term is worse than the first.

So whilst we have this untrustworthy female person attacking Republicans and promising to push for a comprehensive reform — nice try Mrs. Clinton, but the facts remain that you are accusing Republicans and promising something “to do” with comprehensive reform. I am positive that if anyone screamed, “How do you plan to do that…” you either didn’t either answer or even field the question.

oversiced b burritoSo for our hurlers and spewer’s the drop cloth is ready for your most colorful inhabitation. So let’s let the breakfast burritos filled with beans, rice, potatoes, and just some meat of choice, sour cream, and all the juices come frothing out — remember now… individual piles for each ingredient.

Stacked high those chunky potatoes, set just aside of the smoldering beef, chicken, or even pork bits, and a different simmering pile for the oozing beans, sour cream and homemade juices just wiggling very gently, and then there is the tortilla that huge burrito is wrapped in with of course our let over rice. It’s a masterpiece!

pen and parchment

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