Coming of Age in America

Coming of Age in America

Map and Scope_1I am without question certain that when some in this country sees the cliché, “coming of age” their minds normally go down Memory Lane through Summer of ’42, or better still is in the proverbial “birds and bees” stories that get made into films or any public medium that encourages these activities. Heck, there are so many jokes told about coming of age events that the Sears Catalog could still be in wanton demand.

However in the U.S.A. the cliché of coming of age is taking on a completely different role to include using our beloved and smart elected officials and just when we find it — the truth that is — we somehow aren’t feeling that we are at the mercy of this tremendous phenomena. Please allow me the opportunity to suggest a few things then I’ll leave the rest of the matter up to you for a complete analysis.

special-newsRecently in America we have had a gigantic amount of businesses, individuals, and typical, the federal government have been immersed in the enormous amount of premeditated cyber-attacks from various individuals and other countries. Think about it for a reasonable second: the Office of Management recently got stung with something like upwards of four million records of those folks who work for the government. Moreover, it is not only the individuals that own these records that have flimsy reports, but just think about this nugget — in order for those people to be there, on those lists they needed to have a Security Clearance of sorts and to get even the smallest most insignificant clearance is going to take the F.B.I. and other agency personnel investigations to get one okayed for that clearance.

Consider if you will the functions of the businesses that have been hit. Look at only the nation’s infrastructure that is —  being sought are now targeting power grids, water supply systems, and other vital services, threatening our very way of life and international security. Now the businesses with much to lose regarding profitability think, Macy’s, Sears, Wal-Mart, and on and on.

Now then let’s not leave out these — MSM covers up massive cyber attack on America; WSJ, NYSE, United Airlines all under attack. Now any firm or nation that can break these cyber-security codes would have nothing but a breeze when it comes to the US federal government.

The Office of Personnel Management — victim of the attack that was exposed in June — reported on Thursday that “hackers” robbed personal data, including social security numbers and other information of 21.5 million people, according to Efe news agency. The remaining 1.8 million are families of some of the above. In addition to social security numbers, the hackers also accessed addresses, financial and health histories.

Of these, 19.7 million are people who had applied for Jobs in administration or the government and other individuals linked to the public sector, on whom the government ran security checks.

Is this what we refer to as job or occupational security? Seriously other than making the Western hemisphere the victim of Iran, what is this “would be President” trying to do other than call Republican’s names?

Even more importantly than this is the notion behind the ridiculous “One device only” that our then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had to say.

So without getting everything and everyone into an anxiety attack, the people who want to Hillary clintonvote for Hillary Rodham Clinton just may get a real opportunity to thank her for being so well known in China and elsewhere.

The communication that I am trying to portray here is that when people in the highest echelons of government begin or continue to break the law, there will never be accountability or trust again.

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