This Rubbish of “Protected Status” is way out of Control

This is getting way out of control…

eagle with flag design on wingsI make nothing but nonsense out of some of the information I listened to today. Actually the precise situation was called upon and featured on Fox News’ program, The Five. During one of the regular segments (the time where an actual newsperson espouses news) Mr. Greg Gutfeld brought forth some settled cases dealing with antidiscriminatory and discrimination laws that are now being used as a means of gathering money.

What Greg Gutfeld painstakingly pointed out was how those within this category are notified with a general publication of the fines that business owners are being fined. So let’s take your average family or individual from India for this example. Sidebar: We have quasi-leaders who campaign and overly blow their whistles about how in order to assist the nation revive itself to economic prosperity, then we must encourage people and families to become “start up” company’s and become real Americans.

Obama's Constitution breaking_No RespectBut as I have altruistically learned how most politicians just love to hear their own voices and promise the people everything only when rubber hits the road, they do everything within their lying, contemptuousness, and fabricate everything to fit inside of their promises. We literally have heads of state trouncing on the country’s Constitution or — law of the land — why do you suppose? It is not a matter of not knowing; furthermore, it is very much the matter of “catch me if you can” or more aptly, “I’ll do it because I can…no one is going to challenge me on this action…” Therefore, every single time I hear Barack Obama make mention of his integrity, or better still, his pride — swollen pride when something goes his way. Back to my original story….

So up in New York using something akin to Craig’s List or EBay, generally as a means of advertising it is not uncommon to see:

Wanted: One who either knows the culture or a person from India to serve as the wait staff in our new family orientated business — an Indian restaurant. How many other ways can a conscientious person say or state, “Hey we own a very authentic and cultural Indian restaurant. We need our catering service personnel to be knowledgeable, thorough, vigilant and careful. In other words we need people who desire to do a task well and fit into our family’s new business.”

The hilarity behind the issue is what these keen advertiser’s found along with their printedanimated_candle_short  [copy ready] advertisements. First finding, discriminatory advertising and violations of EEOC hiring practices; second finding: for each individual needed (waiter, waitress, chef) carried with it an automatic fine of $5000.

This is the kind of shee-it people could have been presented with along with someone’s hand (palm up) out. As for me gang truthfully now — as long as there is “protected status” given freely by our government then the current situation is Ad Ridiculitis. One person, or a culture can be sensitive but the real issue behind this matter is allegedly political correctness; consequently, the more one is protected the lesser they will become assimilated.


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