Collected Hodgepodge regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal

Collected Hodgepodge regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal

images2NI1D3YWSen. Chuck Schumer will be the key to defeating the Iran nuclear deal, the New York Democrat’s longtime friend and colleague Joe Lieberman said Sunday. If you will pardon me for just a moment this is precisely what most people use as their grievance toward American foreign policy right now in today’s history.

I believe if one reads paragraph by paragraph about what Democrat senators are saying about the structure of the “Deal” from its very inception until now considering the promises made by congressional people as well as administration officials there can be no doubt that someone is not telling the truth regarding the Iranian Nuclear Deal.

“I think in his heart and head he knows this is a bad deal,” Lieberman, who represented Connecticut in the Senate as a Democrat and later as an Independent for 24 years, told John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on AM 970 in New York.

A large rally outside Schumer’s office in New York City last week was attended not only byimagesEJS7RLR4 Republican opponents, but also by several liberals and Democrats including Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz and New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

“I think [Schumer] knows his constituents in New York don’t want the deal,” Lieberman said.

Schumer has not yet announced how he plans to vote on ratifying the agreement, but Lieberman said that if he does vote against it he will give other Democrats the freedom to vote for what is best for the country over party loyalty.

This comment will definitely not take rocket science to figure out. I believe that in the original founding and framing days of our Founding Fathers the definition of a republican democracy was basically (1) people have the power which is relinquished, only in part, to the representatives — that vote for and on behalf of what the members of their constituency wanted. Now having stated that, (2) why then is there an active amnesty going on; I made a chart earlier this week to show just how many people exist in the sexual orientation different USA versus the otherwise non LGBTQ USA. The results are stunning!

imagesP0CGCG0MCiting the continued chants of “Death to America” inside Iran, some joined in by Iranian leaders, Lieberman asked, “How can you make a deal with someone who says they want to kill you?” Concessions on what were once promised “anytime/anywhere inspections” have turned the deal into “joke,” Lieberman told several reporters. “The inspections provision, which is really a no-inspections provision, is reason enough to vote against the agreement,” he said.

As the White House campaign to persuade Congress about the wisdom of its Iran nuclear deal moves into its second week, important components of the complex agreement are emerging that will be shrouded from the public and in some cases from the U.S. government itself.

The existence of these secret clauses and interpretations could undermine the public’s trust in the Barack Obama administration’s presentations about the nuclear pact. Already Republicans and other critics of the deal have seized on the side agreements between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency as a weakness in the deal closed last week in Vienna.

images96QOR025The controversy began on Wednesday when Secretary of State John Kerry told House lawmakers behind closed doors that he neither possessed nor had read a copy of two secret side deals between the IAEA and Iran, according to Representative Mike Pompeo, a Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee who was inside the session. Congress hasn’t seen those side agreements either. Sound familiar?

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