Hillary Clinton: Her overwhelming dishonesty

Hillary Clinton: Her law breaking ways, cover ups, and overwhelming dishonesty

HillsyThe State Department will miss another court-ordered due date to release another round of Hillary Clinton’s emails at the end of August, the Washington Examiner reported.

A federal judge previously issued a schedule for the State Department to release a certain amount of emails each month; officials already came up short at the end of July because of trouble screening the records for classified information.

Hillary’s campaign will implode in a few months. The reason I can say this is simple and has to do with her emails. As we all know, when we send an email it ends up in our “sent” folder and when someone sends us an email in goes into our “in box” and those emails stay there unless deleted. So around the time of the Benghazi attack people were sending the Secretary of State emails and she was sending them emails. So just because Hillary deleted the emails from her server does not mean the emails she sent are not on other servers, and the emails that were sent to her could be in the “sent” folders on other servers.

That is why it is significant that Cheryl Mills announced Aug 7, that she was going to delete her emails – the ones Judge Sullivan wanted to be delivered to him. I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually there is a subpoena for Obama’s emails around that time but he would just declare “executive privilege.” But no matter, his emails would just be invites to White House celebrity parties or be all about how much money he raised at a fund raiser.

John Hackett, the State Department official in charge of Freedom of Information Act responses, said the delay is because of recommendations from the Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General. Hackett anticipated the State Department would increase its pace on the emails.

The State Department is set to publish another 6,106 pages of emails by August 31, near the 25 percent of the emails ordered to have been published by that date.

By the end of September, the State Department is scheduled to release 7,156 pages of emails. If the department meets that goal, it will catch up to the court order for the rate of email production, or 37 percent by the end of next month.

At the end of July, the department released 2,206 pages of emails — 1,721 pages of emails behind the threshold. I don’t think anyone is dragging this process out it just takes time. Someone like Trey Gowdy goes to a judge and gets a subpoena but he then has to wait and give them time to respond. When they don’t respond, which has been the pattern for Hillary, he has the Judge demand they produce the emails.

Clinton has provided about 55,000 pages of emails in December of last year.

This particular FOIA lawsuit was brought by Vice. There are also other outstanding FOIA lawsuits from other media organizations and government watchdog groups against the State Department seeking Clinton’s emails.

So right before the election Hillary’s campaign will implode hopefully because people will start going to jail. I really doubt any of this will actually materialize, so this is not to say that it shouldn’t! Lastly, what gives Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama the right to make up video stories, lie to the American people, then promote the one person who spilled from the lowly position of Ambassador to United Nations, USA, to National Security Advisor?

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