Understanding “The War on Women” or just what it is…

Understanding “The War on Women” or just what it is…

american eagle with flagGOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina says that Democrats are playing politics with women’s issues, especially when it comes to abortion.

“The Democrats have used this issue to scare women to death, and sometimes when men talk about this issue it seems a little scary to women because it seems judgmental.”

Fiorina’s presidential run will be marked by her attempt to hold Democrats feet to the fire when it comes to what she says is a false narrative on the so-called, “war on women.”

“I find it insulting as a woman that the Democrats continue to talk about women’s issues. We’re half the nation. We’re 53 percent of voters. In other words, we’re not a special interest group. We’re the majority. Every issue is a women’s issue.” I firmly believe that what Ms. Fiorina is stating is true and really quite logical — as one considers all things. However what we are saying is that she has taken the notion of judgmental and intimidating out of the mix here insofar as she uses facts predicated upon numbers.

Fiorina is determined to make sure women engage more in the political process. “I think women in particular turn off of the political process a lot because they don’t like the tone, they don’t like the vitriol, and they don’t like the sound bites.”

Health care continues to top the charts of important issues among American voters, with a large majority calling it very influential or one of the most influential issues in motivating their political participation (70%). However, the importance of this issue does not translate to related issues such as access to free birth control. The importance of free birth control is considered much less compelling, with less than half as many saying it is at least very influential (31%). In fact, more say it is not at all influential (40%) in motivating them.

Ah ha! Now with further research and the Heritage Foundation I believe we are beginningOffice_on_Violence_Against_Women_Seal to sort out what is the basis for this alleged “War on Women”; therefore let’s have a look at some of the issues. It appears that health care is the most pronounced among the voting participation which is at 70 percent. However, and indeed interesting is the notion of the importance of this issue does not translate to related issues such as access to free birth control, a whopping 31 percent of the voting participation weighed in on that aspect of health care which we feel is very antiquated…almost as if there was an unreported mistake in the polling data.

Up to this point we have been able to identify just two of the factors in the “War on Women.” By consensus here we also added the spectrum of equality. It is quite apparent that the initial stages of this phenomenon was extremely hot as I was growing up and was fostering equal pay for equal work.

Having stated health care, government financial assistance in birth control, taxpayer funded abortions, equality in jobs and the rest of life, as being significant factors for this particular “War” I speak for myself and NOT for the company in which employees me, it is overwhelmingly obvious to me that Ms. Carly Fiorina is an individual in which every woman should be carrying a banner for as well as supporting.

heritage-foundationIt very much disappoints me when I hear that of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign staff ladies are still making on average less that women; especially when women’s rights is a tenant of her political platform.

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