How Would You Rate Obama’s Presidency?

obama_immigration-300x180Earlier today I received an email from a person who is trying to assist in finding a legacy for President Obama. As for me, one who has lived and worked by their assessment from others, it really is quite easy for me to grade both terms this man held as president. Moreover, Without further adieu, I will go ahead and identify what this “president” has done to earn the grades assessed by me.

(1) First term: The very first act of legislation approved by Barack Obama was making funds available to other countries for that, “must have abortion.” It took him less than 24 hours to do so — therefore, I am lead to believe that his actions were through “Executive Fiat.” All I really wanted and therefore expected from this junior senator from IL., was basically let’s go along and get along; understanding of course that he maintain some semblance of a status quo. But no — not in a big way! All things being equal this person had members of his own staff lying, colluding, conspiring, as well as fabricating numbers and any other relevant matter, thus refusing to accept blame for anything whatsoever.

Starting from “Funding for other Nation’s Abortions” was immediately followed by members of his own executive branch such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as well as the Department for Alcohol, Drug, Firearms, and Explosive Devices (ATF) that through their counsel began to expose the President and the Attorney General in activities that soon became known as “Fast & Furious.” The ironically sad portion of this of course manifests itself when the ballistics were revealed that some of our own Border agents, ICE members, and ATF agents were in fact, killed with the use of these guns.

51zPiqVuh2L._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_(1) Still First Term: Allowing for organizations that openly admitted to breaking the laws such as ACORN and SEIU to continue to not live in a society where the rule of law is considered the fundamentally most important aspect of what a citizen can do. However for the sake of time and reading pleasure it was also during the first term in office that Solandra happened, it was the actual giving away of close to a billion of taxpayer funds; yet, he was otherwise told not to do so by the Justice Department, FBI, and the Attorney General’s office.

It furthermore was within the second year of his presidency when he received a letter from 22-senior Congressional officials requesting meetings with him to go over a proposed plan for immigration; it was also during this time that his uncontrolled amnesty began.

(2) Second term: Although there was enough culpable evidence to suggest (and or prove) voting idiosyncrasies conducted in 48 out of 50 states reporting, this person did absolutely nothing in good faith to investigate allegations.

Worse still was the inadequacy of this politician to ask the people how they felt about the legalization of 10-12 million illegal immigrants situate within the nation. By far one of the most horrific things ever produced by any POTUS within our history involved the “cross the red line theory” which proved to arm up the ISIS regime, allow Iran to go nuts, and back to the cold war with the Russian Federation.

Any real reader of the news or news follower can sort out what has happened in this nation at the reckless disregard of Barack Obama. Shall we bring up the Iran-Scam, the horrendous amount of T.S. “Eyes Only” emails that have circulated the Earth?

(1) First Term: D-
(2) Second Term F-

I do not believe that the hopes and aspirations of the First African American President assisted in furthering the cause of whatever…with the headlines regarding Murder rates, Ferguson, Kansas City, Baltimore, Atlanta, New York, and Cincinnati who is this person leading?

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2 Responses to How Would You Rate Obama’s Presidency?

  1. What’s the effing point of this exercise? His presidency isn’t even over yet! Historians usually wait until at least 20 years after, sometimes more, to place a presidency in the context of his times. This just reads like whining.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      Hey Mikey!! Let’s face it…this dude’s time of being our President, moreover, the POTUS has been over and done since his first cover up. A person who knows how to recognize when they are being blitzed really…need not rebut this point. More importantly, I am an Historian and most of the covenants that I am honestly asked to follow are meaningless and plain unnatural. And I think that you’ve cited a good one…waiting until 20 years or a generation after gives far to many journalists and historians and indeed fable makers to much Leigh way to cushion the truth. Now then, if you want to reread my post it clearly explains where the original material came from for to respond. And I could care less about whining, it is just good sound (with sources cited) reporting. Need I be more careful when mentioning this SOB around you? Not going to happen.


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