Belmar waitress offered tips from all over USA

I feel as though I want to hate this article — Why? — Because it brings a segment of overwrought political correctness into a place where it just doesn’t belong. Believe me, the way in which this situation is reported by the Asbury Park Press it is enough to make someone cry.

However, I have yet to read anything from any one of the eight persons who were actually at the diner whilst sitting at a table waiting to eat. So with that alone there are a few things I feel responsible about mentioning.

First is the age and gender reference about the establishments staff. Would they ever have printed this story if it were a person attending law school? Or say…a 25 year old male student?

A 20-year-old Rutgers University student who is waiting tables at D’Jais Bar & Grill this summer to help put herself through school, got an unwelcome lesson in the humanities this past week. I see the attention of guilt, remorse, and tragic circumstances in this sentence.

635759523542702774-notipA college student working as a waitress at a Jersey Shore restaurant received no tip on a $112 bill and instead got a taunting message.

Jess Jones explained that she was waiting on a party of eight last week at D’Jais Bar & Grill in Belmar. After the bill was paid for by credit card, Jones saw that her customers had left her no tip.

Let’s sum this event up for our readers — “Tipping is not a place in China” so many signs read. But let’s make one thing perfectly positive here — “To Insure Proper Service,” or what the acronym TIPS is alleged to stand for is not ever something that should be taken for granted just because one works in the service industry. That is the guilt reference.

Instead, they wrote “1 hour for food LOL.” Since when is LOL a taunting message?

Jones, a 20-year-old student at Rutgers University, posted a photo of the receipt and explained the incident on her Facebook page. The photo quickly went viral. (Third reference about age and gender of student.)

Unfortunately something is tragically missing from this story. Most of the time regardless of a wait time to eat people in America realize that the service is a TIP earning business. There is no indication whether or not another part of the staff left these customer’s to believe anything about the wait time.

The Asbury Park Press printed the text of Jones’ post, which has since been deleted:
Forget it…it is unnecessary to post part of a message without giving the customer’s the same right, sorry.

Since the publishing of this article there has been an additional article published by Asbury Park Press. Still no one from the customer’s party has been mentioned or referred too.

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