It is time to Use it or Lose it…One’s Mind that is….

It is time to Use it or Lose it…One’s Mind that is….

th4TI9Z8LEPolitically correct professors at Washington State University are reportedly planning to give students bad grades if they use “oppressive and hateful language” like “illegal alien,” “male” and “female.” We believe that openly offensive and true “hate speech” as determined by an appropriate Court is valid and should be equivocated. However, we further believe that what these institutions of “Higher Learning” are doing is flat out wrong; moreover, despicable.

Campus Reform news editor Sterling Beard explained on “Your World” that Professor Selena Lester Breikss, in the syllabus for her “Women and Popular Culture” course, also banned the term “illegal immigrant.” Now, why do you suppose that is? As long as these two words stay in the dictionary as permissible words of usage then it is incumbent upon a educational professional to use them.

Professor Rebecca Fowler’s said that students in her “Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies” course will see their grades suffer if they use the term “illegal alien.”

This baiting — or what we like to call it is nothing more than the respective individuals’ banning what they do not like or what better way is there to show one’s illusive power that to do this?

White students in Professor John Streamas’ Introduction to Multicultural Literature” class, are expected to “defer” to non-white students, among other community guidelines, if they want to do well in the course.

“The problem is they also expect students to engage with controversial material,” Beard told Stuart Varney. “But how can you engage with controversial material if you’re disallowed from using useful terms like ‘male’ or ‘female’ or ‘illegal immigrant?'”

Washington State University issued a statement, saying, “We are working with these faculty members to clarify, and in some cases modify, course policies to ensure that students’ free speech rights are recognized and protected.

No student will have points docked merely as a result of using terms that may be deemed offensive to some.”

“That’s a retreat if I saw one,” Varney remarked. “Those courses are not designed for free speech and debate. They’re designed to control students’ opinions.”


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