Do Arrogant Minds Think Alike?

brainiacA couple of very, very interesting politicalese thoughts buzzed across my brain today; subsequently, I have spent a great portion of this day deep in critical thought. Before going further I do have a disclaimer that I believe needs to be brought forward immediately.

The disclaimer is one of notions or ideologies that I may have heard President Obama speak of, although I am not positive of it. We are going to delve into racial matters. Not by anything but looking at facts and various truths that have somehow followed us through time.

Therefore, with this information made readily available I am choosing not to believe what is put before anyone who reads this blurb. However, when it was written and adjudicated on, I really at heart wonder how many of us have even considered this to be true? So let us look at these facts.

Clearly one of the often misunderstood myths that has trickled down into North American society is that all people from Africa were slaves. This is a notion that is very far from the truth. During the Revolutionary war, more so, nearly 100 years before that happened there existed in the New World many people from Africa — albeit, they may have arrived from France, England, or South America who were free and wealthy.

packed2What I am making reference to here is in the belief that not everyone who arrived in North America was a slave. What I have found even more interesting from my research is in the notion that a vast proportion of the slaves who arrived here via the Caribbean Islands, both Central and South America were in fact, slaves in their native homeland or prisoners of war, and therefore were owned or given up by a tribal leader.

The famed “Middle Passage” to and from Africa where slave ships traveled overloaded with passengers is indeed one of the most interesting points I have come to understand courtesy of educational professionals and members of the academic fields of study. These ships were designed to carry as much as four to five times as much cargo primarily to accommodate their illegal passage of slaves.

Where I am going with this treatise is the notion of by “random act.” If some import — export company had representatives in Africa taking the very lives of men, women and children bound for slavery to a different part of the world, whilst knowing that these men and younger adolescent boys were in fact part of the spoils of warring tribes, my question is how many of these say three ships carrying a multitude of 500 slaves apiece, what was the reasonable rate of probability that these men even knew each other or, knew and recognized the very language the person on the left, right, above or below them spoke?

In all out of 1500 people minus at least one third 500 and again minus 200 women and children what was arriving in the Caribbean Islands was actually 800 people from different areas, different customs, that spoke a different language, and quite openly did not have an overly friendly attitude toward those who either owned or worked the ships.

Now and please read me quite clearly — doesn’t anyone reading this think or even can imagine that those folks who got off the ships not able to communicate with at least the other 50 to 75 percent who accompanied them at sea may seem just a tad different that all of the others?

Before it is either “for granted thinking” or pondered on, do you think that it is possible to take people from mostly one very small country (England), and through stupidity and/or whatever, think that these people that they did not know may have seemed less educated or not nearly as smart or culturally different because of the treatment they had been subject too?


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