The need of your readership

The need of your readership

thinker on throneThe need of your readership cannot possibly be more than it is for this forth coming article. Actually this article was a gift! I originally stumbled on it through social media — something along the lines of Facebook or it could be any one of the twelve news sites that I have bookmarked and must be read daily to keep abreast of the news.

At any rate it took a JSOnline account status to come eye to eye with such a scholarly writing that from my assessment, every representative and senator, president and presidential advisors, in fact, anyone involved in public policy should be required to read the truth before they are able to make decisions on laws, acts, and policy that they have previously made.

Now for reasons undisclosed we must have a question and answer draw down: Most, if not all of these laws were written within the last twenty five years. And we think it is important to mention that these laws were enacted as a means of special interest groups, as well as public opinion primarily due to how the USA was during the time the law were put forth.

Please be astute and believing when it is brought forth that some lazy fat guy or girl in Washington D.C., is going to make up what these laws are enacted to do. The overall prison population has more than tripled since 1990, fueled by increased government funding for drug enforcement (rather than treatment), investments in prison construction, three-strikes rules, mandatory minimum sentence laws, truth-in-sentencing replacing judicial discretion in setting punishments, concentrated policing in minority communities and state incarceration for minor probation and supervision violations. Particularly affected were African-American males, with 40% of black male prisoners showing drug offenses.

Common sense will enlighten anyone who endeavors to look into these laws such as:



Increased government funding for drug enforcement (the forces were not large enough), investments in prison construction, (living conditions and overly fair!), three-strikes rules, mandatory minimum sentence laws, truth-in-sentencing (Three strikes laws as well as mandatory minimum sentencing laws, as well as truth in sentencing were brought forth to stop petty thieves from committing the same types of crimes.

Let this be mentioned as well: the only people who are to benefit from this lawmaking is certainly not the repeat offender; one should understand that during the time these rules were being made America as a whole was in a decline of mass proportions. Again the one’s who were to benefit are the free law abiding citizens who were exhausted from the amount of crime that had consumed them and their families.

gavelNow all things being equal the mainstream media has run amuck with equality primarily in the workplace…however, with all things being equal the normal usage of inequality is predominately an exposition as the “war on women” or black youths are being sentenced to “more murders” at very young ages, there is no evidence that students of color misbehave to a greater degree than white students.  They are, however, punished more severely, often for behaviors that are less serious. This last sentence was haphazardly written by a person who has no grasp of research.

Racial, Ethnic and Gender Disparities in Sentencing, Punishment, Inequality, and the Future of Mass Incarceration, Pleas, priors, and prison: , are three of the mainstream media’s writing initiatives. Please be advised that for good measure there are also special interest groups that are probing either way — watch which was the money goes.


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