Constitution Day and Does “We the People” mean it is Obama’s Way

Constitution Day and Does “We the People” mean it is Obama’s Way or the Highway?

usconstitutionToday I wish to write about how little celebration or even mass participation in a celebratory event that marks the day that is Constitution Day. I can clearly remember a time standing in a library’s stack so dark I hardly can remember who the author was that said this, “Essentially every country on Earth is in debt to the USA for making (and at times struggling) to come to terms with the greatest experiment — the US Constitution — insofar as although nations may indeed be older, having a written document that outlines a government, protects people’s rights, and ratifying said document by a 100 percent majority is something we, as American’s need to reminisce on” — rather than what we don’t have, or whose lives matter.

However the terminology, “grand experiment” will always accompany almost any discussion on the idea of having a Constitutionally formed government insofar as that is precisely what it is — an experiment, because it has never been done before with even a little measure of success.

Which prompts me on some different ideologies that I wonder if the government has any right to do.

The most immediate catastrophic event that has me seeing a career worth of writing material — Oh certainly to the degree that “Sanctuary Cities,” “a pathway to citizenship,” “Visa Lottery, ” “Visa overstays” and the amounts of money each agency within the executive branch of government is spending on their own websites including having all of them with a Spanish language version that is so far developed it makes the English language version quality a mess.

Please look either at the Department of Homeland Securities (DHS) or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) websites. The two particular sites make living in the nation illegally so comfortable and there is someone always there to assist you if one happens to have questions.

As our readers know we write a lot about illegal immigration, visa overstays, people B9k48e0IAAARvkhreceiving visas who should not be receiving them. But with all due fairness — who could point a blind finger at the person who gained access illegally?

Where we are headed with this rationale is this — the United States government and its Congressional officials as well as the President and all of his executive agencies quite openly do not know what they are doing. It makes me cringe when I hear the one or more “Visa Lotteries” is being held for diversification means.

One, the Visa Lottery is a giveaway to any number of 100,000 or so people to gain access to this country. But to do so as a means of diversification means is a joke! Hear me out here — Who is vetting these people? It is of common knowledge that the largest faction of illegally gaining access to this country is in Visa Overstays — yep you know this one — people receiving visa’s for a fixed period of time (visitor’s visa) all too often knowing that they have no intention of ever going back from where they came.

Refugees and Asylum-seekers are a completely different kettle in and of themselves. We make no qualm about this whatsoever, the refugee status in all of Europe is downright ugly. But where in our US Constitution does anyone get the right to say, “oh…we’ll take 10,000 Syrians”?

MARX,%20ENGELS,%20LENIN,%20STALIN%20PIC_0This country is a completely different haven for Russians, Southeastern Europeans Middle Eastern peoples, Cartels, Mexicans, and South Americans. And what dissatisfies me the most is, two — there existed in a time when one actually felt and realized, “We the People” or that an individual American made some type of difference. Now that is not a notion that even exists anymore…thank you Barack Obama.


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