Senate Democrats have turned back the latest GOP

Senate Democrats have turned back the latest GOP effort to undermine the Iran nuclear deal.

images2NI1D3YWThe nuclear agreement limits the Iranians to research only on newer IR-6 and IR-8 centrifuge technologies and after eight years allows the manufacture of only 30 for testing purposes. Republicans this week made last-ditch, but largely symbolic, efforts to try to prevent the deal from going forward even as they admit they cannot overturn it but only offer legal challenges to it.

On September 10, 42 out of 100 senators, all Democrats, blocked a resolution by the Republican majority that would have prevented Mr. Obama from suspending sanctions against Tehran.

When the vote on cloture took place Thursday, there were 58 votes for it – two short of the 60 needed to cut off debate.

980“As we lead the world in strictly enforcing both the spirit and letter of this agreement, we have a historically important opportunity to re-examine our regional policy in the Middle East and to reinforce and strengthen the concept of American leadership of broad, sustainable worldwide coalitions”, said Coons, who voted in support of the deal and is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Earlier this year, I helped introduce legislation – which Congress passed – to make sure Congress votes on this deal.

Shortly before that vote, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., tried to send through an amendment designed to pressure Democrats into choosing between the implementation of the Iran deal and their loyalty to Israel and Americans imprisoned in Iran.

Democrats accused Republicans of staging futile votes to embarrass the White House, sealwhile wasting time that could have been spent reaching a budget compromise to avoid a government shutdown on September 30. I propose a test to see how committed the Obama administration will be to keep a tight watch on Iran.

In a rare first, the Barack Obama administration has officially announced that Washington has no problem with “close” ties between India and Iran.

Republicans in the House of Representatives have adopted a measure claiming that President Obama failed to disclose all the details of the agreement – as he was obligated to do under Corker-Cardin. This is where the leadership needs intervene!

With Democrats objecting to adding non-nuclear issues to consideration of the deal, that procedural vote was also blocked, 53-45.

Will Walldorf, professor of politics and worldwide affairs at Wake Forest University, said because the Iran Deal was not negotiated as an global treaty, the Senate was not guaranteed a vote on whether the agreement went through.

During my discussions with experts and top officials, I asked hard questions and got answers about how the United States and our allies will verify that Iran will not have access to weapons-grade nuclear material, how we will enforce this deal, and how quickly we will be able to identify if Iran cheats. (“If”)

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