To negotiate the terms of reestablishing diplomatic relations Globally…right!

We want to give our new friends especially from Brazil, France, Turkey, Romania, Greece, and Malaysia a shout out, “Hello and Welcome to our site!” Above all “Thank you so very much for your loyalty to our reporting.”globe156.gif

We really must admit that given the status of world affairs; moreover, the global economy and human rights dignities the first item we wish to look at is the very title of this article. To negotiate the terms of reestablishing diplomatic relations Globally…right!

How about looking at a portion that is so much more reasonable, with the Castro Brothers regime, thus Cuba. We would like for you to see the unbraided demands that have come through both the United Nations as well as Raul Castro’s hand shaking affair with the POTUS.

Cuban officials made it clear that the regime will not change its political or economic system, despite the Obama Administration’s many overtures. The regime also demanded an end to the embargo and removal of Cuba from the U.S. list of State Sponsors of Terrorism before restoration of diplomatic relations. Cuban leader Raul Castro reiterated these points, conditioning further openings with the U.S., and insofar as we are concerned who are these Castro Brothers masquerading as some early form of mafia?

map of cuban citiesOn the lifting of the U.S. embargo as well as giving back the return of Guantánamo Bay naval base, the Castro Brothers primarily through Raul Castro, have asked for reparations’ as compensation for “human and economic damage” incurred as a result of the U.S. embargo — which to me sounds like…”Hey you haven’t traded with us therefore you, the United States, now must be punished for not doing so.”

Just a couple of words for every form of liberal out there — sovereignty and freedom are the issues this wannabe Mafioso are looking to cut into at American and Cuban lives. Cuba’s democratic opposition and human rights activists have already massacred over 120 people since the beginning of this year and get this one — The U.S. should evaluate future overtures on the principles enshrined in the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (LIBERTAD) Act on any further action with U.S. exports and investment.

We are all for normalizing the Democratic Solidarity with Cuba; however, we do not feel as though anything is owed to them. Now a short discourse on Barack Obama and his green theory of globalization.

We at The Contemplative Thinker need to only look at what has happened during (ever-so-lightly) our psychosomatic lying president has done close to instigating World War III, are the reasons why we do not believe in any of it.

Just calmly think or let your mind surf through the sea of shee-it that guarantees that the 51ejWmEzpQL__AA160_ world is not ready for this multiculturalism and/or “oh yeah, it was Russia who attempted to put nuclear missiles on the island of Cuba during the famous ’13 days’ with the Kennedy administration.

Furthermore, with the way that Vladimir Putin has toxically decided to go after the ISIS organization by first killing hundreds, maybe thousands of Syrian’s in the attempt at what — dethroning Assad the current Syrian leader, is so bombastic, unrealistic, and ostensibly crazy that I doubt another’s thoughts who seem to align with this rubbish.

Moreover, we’ve ALL seen this coming — with Assad using chemical weapons on his own people (hence the red line ultimatum); furthermore, with the early withdraw of US and a small coalition of other nation’s military forces in Iraq…let’s just add to this open pit, “kill the Americans…as well as Israel will not exist” statements made by Iran and are you absolutely sure you would not entertain an isolationist perspective?

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