This President cannot get out fast enough!

This President cannot get out fast enough!

typewriterI really do not mean to be a person who looks for gloom and doom to write about. Just about every single week as I am preparing my Writer’s Portfolio for everything that I feel necessarily positive about — that’s a very significant and exciting time for an author. Think of it! The actual planning, preparing, getting in touch with sources to write an article. It may sound laborious to someone who doesn’t write…yet, as for me it is a solid source of happiness.

That is until I received my impromptu downloads of newsletters that come from experts in their respective fields and are using the data waves to communicate. It is through one of these newsletters that gained my attention — mentioning an issue that I have given time and consideration about; however, what does any of that mean anymore?

For the record, I am entirely convinced that not only electing Barack Obama for his first (and should be only) term in office, but just wait a minute — anyone doing so a second time really must be going through some inadvertent guilt phases. Other president’s all actually, have made little, nifty, sayings that are aimed to allow the people to know where their administration’s are striving to achieve.

As for the Obama administration they strive to sign up first, enact some crazed and avoid every expert they can plan, then without giving a bit of thought do whatever it is that they want to do. That is not the way (and I have tons of proof) that the US government was intended to run. Furthermore, the people that put together this “grand ol’ experiment” called Republican Democracy put it together in less time than Obama has had in ruining it.

B9k48e0IAAARvkhIf I were an undocumented immigrant, moreover, an already processed new immigrant waiting for my final “PASS” to come to America – or face it – an illegal immigrant, I would be just beyond myself trying with everything not to allow my anger to be visible.

This nation has made uncompromised promises to various people living in other areas north, south, east and west about getting them a way to arrive in the USA properly. But now…these screwed up infantile idiots are allowing over 100,000 “refugees” transportation and full scale full ride amenities to walk straight into America on my dime!

A recent Senate hearing highlights the dangers of admitting even more Syrians as refugees. The dangers are simply too great because we have no idea which applicants represent a security risk to the United States. Please take steps to ensure that no more Syrians are admitted as refugees. Now let’s remember the Senate’s approval rating…

At the hearing, Sen. Jeff Sessions asked Matthew Emrich, the associate director for Fraud51zPiqVuh2L._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_ Detection and National Security Directorate at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services within the Department of Homeland Security, “Can you name a single computer database outside of maybe some of our own very small but valuable intelligence databases for Syria that you can check against. Does Syria have any?” Mr. Emrich replied, “The government does not.”

On top of this, Barbara Strack, the chief of the Refugee Affairs Division at USCIS, admitted that 80% of refugee applications are approved worldwide. But as it relates to the Syrian refugees that have been processed so far in the U.S., that number is 90%.

Not only do Syrians pose a greater security risk due to the inability to screen out dangerous applicants, USCIS is approving their applications at a high rate. This is dangerous, bordering on the insane, and the American people agree. A recent Rasmussen poll shows that 72% of voters are concerned that giving thousands of Syrians asylum poses a national security risk to the United States, with 47% who are Very Concerned.

I urge you to listen to government officials and the American people and do all you can to make sure no more Syrians are admitted as refugees.


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