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approval-congressToday, during many debates as well as casual conversation I am astounded at America’s knowledge of what their Congressional officials are supposed to be doing. If there ever has been an organization that lacks a direction in which to pursue; moreover, a mission statement informing people what they’re going to get, or even what to expect we would like to know where it is and what it is that these people are supposed to be doing.

I loved this statement by G.O.P. nominee candidate and current Governor of New Jersey: According to Gov. Christie he states that, “Congress doesn’t know what they’re doing or — even worse, what they are supposed to be doing.” My take after hearing this is there now is one person in the USA who sees these money abusers, thieves, and look as though you are working, real life present robber barons.

Chris ChristieGov. Christie further points out that “these people are too afraid of losing their jobs. Furthermore Christie believes (as do I) that the average Congressional Member loves the perks and so-called titles they receive as part of their jobs. The literal disposition of Mr. or Madam Secretary, the Honorable, Mr./Ms. Chairman, including just as many titles as one can get and demand that they be addressed by.

Please do not be offended insofar as I don’t mean this to be offensive:

If there is anything that is subjective in a Republican Democracy it is this fact: That the power belongs to the people and by ownership of the power people have the right to disperse that “power” to whatever representative they want too. Again I believe that the U.S. Congress does not know and/or realize this fact enough.

What irks the rubbish out of me is when big legislation is brought by anyone of the sponsors floors to be voted on — anyone, Ferris, anyone — where is the ideals of town hall meetings, finding out what your constituency really wants — rather than just voting on it? I have maintained an open and communicative relationship with the districts Representative of my state (aka “congressman/women”) and have never been informed by any means where he would be or anything of the like. Now, I will take all comers in any bet or debate that is necessary — it simply is not the duty of a citizen to go running down their congressional official to see when they are available.

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie told Greta Van Susteren that Barack Obama is one of the worst presidents in U.S. history.

Christie slammed Obama for raising taxes and refusing to work with Congress.barry and his bullshit factory

The New Jersey governor also noted reports that Russian jets are now shadowing U.S. drones over Syria, as Russia increases its military presence in the region.

“Just when you think it can’t get worse, it does,” Christie said. “Is there anyone home at the White House?”

Christie said it’s a farce that Russia says it’s in Syria to fight ISIS, stating that it’s clear they’re only there to prop up Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“His weakness and his timidity across the world has allowed people to take advantage of us,” Christie said.

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