Sanctuary cities and ALL of the Mess..!

Sanctuary cities and ALL of the Mess..!

coc_3Senate Democrats on Tuesday blocked a Republican-backed bill that would crack down on so-called sanctuary cities by threatening to withhold funds to local governments that don’t cooperate with federal immigration officials.

The bill failed on a 54-45 vote. It needed 60 to advance.

The Stop Sanctuary Cities Act became a lightning rod issue ahead of the vote, as GOP sponsors tried to peel off just a few Democrats to support it while Democratic leaders blasted the legislation as counterproductive. The White House issued a formal veto threat Tuesday morning, while the chamber’s top Democrat tried to discredit the measure by calling it “The Donald Trump Act.”

We believe it is overly obvious where the resistance is coming from and at what intensity level. It is not the intention of The Contemplative Thinker to bombard President Barack Obama, but hey, if it is something he is doing — and it is in this case — “The White House issued a formal veto threat Tuesday morning…”


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