Who or What is the American Public?

Who or What is the American Public?

Muslim head drapped in turbanFor the most part I believe that when someone in the news media, journalism, politics, or especially anyone working within the entertainment type media (films, documentaries, music videos or anything that gains public attention) may often times be considered the real American Public. However, what I am trying to address are the other say 300 million Americans, that I refer to as the “American Public,” who and/or what are they, and most importantly, how do they fit into the American Public?

In this article I will address two separate issues that appear to get the “big play” portion of any news medium. It will be during the presentation of the three issues that the staff at The Contemplative Thinker will render an opinion. Sounds fair enough to me.

Issue # 1, of course must be the “above all” attitude of President Barack Obama. Dear American Public: Are you aware that not for a single term, nah, but for an additional term as well you have gone out and seen to the election of a person who openly fabricates events that affect America? Worst still and by this president’s own admission, does not aspire to the rule of law in the United States? For those who want to disregard or run away from this page right now, immediately, I am sure you understand that the rule of law is the U.S. Constitution.

Why do you suppose he will not even attempt to work with Congress, who is supposed to be representing you and me. Has there been an occasion in the last six years when you have cared enough to ask, “Hey where are these 10 million or more illegal immigrants going to live upon the execution of this vagrant president’s executive orders?” Let me be a bit more specific — do you even care about the fact that very soon an additional 100,000 Syrian refugees will be admitted as “Protected Immigrants?” Where in the United States are they designated to live?

stacey dashAs the author I have mentioned this once before, as I witnessed Stacey Dash openly admit that the reason she initially voted for Barack Obama was because of his race, or skin color? And imagine my “Celeb Crush” factor getting mangled in the process. There wasn’t a room in my home or office to include bathrooms that did not have at least one huge candle aflame and accompanied with incense burning.

animated_candle_shortOkay, so for now — the ONE “celebrity” goes back into the column of “Where’s the Brain” and I guess I’ve lost yet another person due to being a true to form Racist. Excuse me, but she’s proved it.

Issue #2 — Just happens to deal with Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton… Now that her rhetoric, loud mouth antics, and being unable to decipher the difference between a question or answer, as for me, I wonder if anyone — besides me — is ever going to just stop listening to her lies and begin, I reiterate, begin demanding accountability from her. Her responses to questions this week in front of the Congressional Committee was abhorrent. Why oh why America does she continue to get a passing effort?

Russian Sanctions Threaten Pork FarmersDuring the actual committee hearings she was confronted with truthful elements such as her own private email accounts whereby an U.S. Ambassador was relentlessly requesting some or more protection for the Benghazi compound. After being shown the actual emails — this arrogant wannabe somebody former First Lady stated she was not aware of any messages from the Ambassador whatsoever. So then committee members showed her the actual emails and even more demeaning, requests from her two closest aides in writing and verbally by phone, under sworn testimony admitted that they informed her as well, she says, “I never heard from Ambassador Stevens’ request for protection and furthermore, it is not my job.”

Maybe she should just be renamed, Hillary Rodham Dash Clinton, insofar as when is anyone other than myself or this organization going to think for themselves?

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