Here is what I mean…

Here’s What I mean…

fat governmentIf one were to look down my static front page containing the last ten or more blogs filed by me and published by WordPress. Now, if anyone new to the site or those of wish to follow the practical thinking of a calm writer the entirety of these pages deals exceedingly more and more with the issues that is costing all of us money — from soda, candy bars, Taco Bell, to gas — we must come to the realization that for a fat, overweight mass spending government they must be getting the funds to carry on this spending from somewhere.

The struggling issues that we ALL are encountering is try this one: How many different sources of funding does the government have access too? And just for the short of it I’ll write unlimited sources. Argue all you want Mr. or Mrs. Economist up to this point you should forget about the Federal Reserve system insofar as this government does not need funding to be printed, mind you they just depress a button on their keyboard.

If by the hand of the Lord we could just get someone to talk anything about accountability on Capitol Hill there would finally be a forum for the U.S. public to drop in and be heard. Since we all know that is not going to happen, I do think the government would be wise to think of the very earliest of rebellion times say: The Glorious Revolution was an armed rebellion in 1676 by Virginia settlers led by Nathaniel Bacon against the rule of Governor William Berkeley. The colony’s dismissive policy as it related to the political challenges of its western frontier, combined with accumulating grievances (including leaving Bacon out of his inner circle, refusing to allow Bacon to be a part of his fur trade with the Native Americans, with a host of a lot of other issues. Although The Glorious Revolution had its founding in Great Britain it should be made well known that just about everyone involved had living colonists in the British Colonies.

ffqfIn fact the ideals of freedom and individual rights that inspired America’s Founding Fathers did not spring from a vacuum. Along with many other defining principles of our national character they can be traced directly back to one of the most pivotal events in British history — the late seventeenth century uprising know as The Glorious Revolution.

Unfolding in 1688-1689, Britain’s Glorious Revolution resulted in the hallmarks of representative government (remember that fallacy?), guaranteed liberties, the foundations of global capitalism, and a foreign policy of opposing aggressive foreign powers. During this hallmark of history in British lives I firmly believe that it would be safe to say that several other uprisings had a similar birth. Naming a few so we can all appreciate what the world was going through during this time we had: King Philip’s War between Indians and English settlers, often times referred to as Metacom’s Rebellion of 1675-1676, Bacon’s Rebellion (1676) as mentioned above, several independent Slave Rebellions that happened during 1680 – 1749, as well as the Jacobite Rising in Scotland, Pontiac’s Rebellion by numerous North American Indian tribes collectively trying to drive the British soldiers and settlers out of the Great Lakes region.

irs-logoDoes anyone think it ironic that the announcement concerning Ms. Lerner and her over 75 percent of conservative institutions and individuals by the Internal Revenue Service had been determined null and void happening the same day as the Congressional Committee questioning of Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton some kind of message? Within the same days of the week it was further announced that toys — flying drones — (already taxed) would be regulated (taxed) by the government?

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