doj2Now then — just prior to launching in, where I left off at last point of view, something in the last weekend sparked a whole new dimension about what this entire onslaught should be taking and certainly should become very blatantly open to those with closed eyes. Apparently one of the top film directors in the history of film making, Mr. Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction) had embarked on his very own hate speech about the police forces in America. Accordingly, he has received far more intense pressure than even he expected.

There are now calls to boycott anything with his name associated with it which includes a pulp fictionnew release opening around Christmas time. Well the very biggest of hitters in Hollywood today are not supporting him and even Harvey Weinstein has called for his public apologies to the police forces. To be sure that this famed producer, director, and actor, Tarantino, knows what damage he has caused at the best possible polling time for this issue has police departments and audiences in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, and Denver as well as Phoenix in an uproar!

Now we are not going to discuss film suicide however predicated upon what openly calling policemen and women “murderer’s” without cause is rude, ugly, and as for us, a very measured and intended circumstance. It will be covered on Bill O’Reilly’s show as well as every other show including talk radio for the next couple of weeks.

Here is another an interesting phenomenon — that we hear a great deal about the prosecution of “evildoing” corporations, however not so much about the prosecution of the individuals who are the alleged evildoers. Deferred prosecutions are the means that the Attorneys General and the entire Justice Department use so that individuals do not suffer prosecution; that is, that huge, enormous fines are rendered to corporations and to avoid costs and bad press, corporations opt to defer their prosecution and pay these fines. Currently the Justice Department is taking a great deal of pride in setting records for collecting these penalties.

holder-in-contemptHowever, in the past six years the fines have been unprecedented. They are involving numbers in the hundreds of billions of dollars and are on scale to make it appear that the Justice Department is acting as a profit center for the government. Therefore, if one would enjoy doing the history of — or allow me to present it for you here, the Justice Department investigations began by looking into claims of unlawful payments to foreign officials as well as investigations of unsafe automobiles. Therefore, the good old fashioned “Recall.” It is for a later installment that we intend to write about the F.B.I. as being the most powerful legal institution in the United States and the infamous, J. Edgar Hoover.

Yet for now that would be digressing from what this article has in store. It is allegedly up to the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ that is responsible for maintaining fairness. Well here are a few things to ponder: “Black Lives Matter,” now I say, of course they do! However, it is up to the civil libertarians and protestor’s to deal with this travesty of language injustice. Furthermore, speaking of fairness — How is it that an order from a Congressional Committee to produce takes as long as two to three years? One would think it enough when the U.S. Attorney General to be given a contempt citation for not producing these documents!

So I ask you — have we ever endured the lackadaisical enforcing of the law in this nation, Hillsyor has “the law” come down to the privileged, few, and elite? It is now become apparent to all those who have a legal background, that 1 out of every sixteen (1/16) documents resurrected from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private server have classified or other precautions attached or written all over them. Do you think that she’ll even be indicted? Think again. And for those who are looking for whatever she may have done wrong, please try and remember that this lump may be leading our country.

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