Now we do not want to leave anything out…

Now we do not want to leave anything out…

imagesC083B7C4But for all of those individuals — and you know who you are — You have elected a viral person who doesn’t necessarily need to admit he is a racist, for all of his actions prove thats what he’s about. He has also proven to the world that he is weak, a fundamentally sickening negotiator, and some may say that the Attorney General is the most powerful man in the United States, but hey! Stop that kind of liberal thinking right now. The Attorney General is the only person who can bring criminal charges against the president. But as for me I have often wondered about that hack, Eric Holder, the sleaziest attorney general in modern American history.

holder in contemptWell there can be no doubt about it now — US Attorney General aka Eric Holder has made it to Ferguson, MO. Not that I give a hoot about the wannabe real lawyer, cum wannabe appointed to the US Supreme Court, believe me, plans are already in the works, my biggest doubt is that he will try and use this particular case to his advantage.

And please try and remember how the agenda works anywhere within the Obama administration. We as an educated public know the validity and reliability of the Grand Jury system; moreover, the judicial system. Validity as I am sure you remember is that aspect of anything that brings it as useable or acceptable, can it be justified, reasonable, and most of all is it effective and logical. Whereas on the other end we have reliability. Reliability is what brings dependability; is the measurement dependable? Is the measurement able to be trusted as true and expected; and is the measurement logical and accurate.

In essence then is what is being measured consistent, steadfast, trustworthy, and dependable. These are the precepts we use to understand reliabily. Then again soundness, authority, legitimacy, with strength and legal power are words that may be used for validity. When one delves into the world of journalism any fact or idea brought to any article must answer, is this information consistent, trustworthy, and dependable? Furthermore, does the article contain authority, legitimacy, and soundness?

And for a sitting President to be involved in the lofty proceedings is capitalizing on the situation. Now anyone Whoopi, Eric, Al, or Jesse please tell me it’s me. But from the very first beginning of Obama’s presidency, WHEW! Let’s start with the wise yet older and somewhat confused person giving a normal patrolman — the ones who make our freedom safe — a load of crap for protecting him and his property from anyone unknown. And yes that goes for the distinguished Harvard professor Emeritus in Cambridge Massachusetts too.

Then again, for what it’s worth, I failed to see even a remote resemblance in looks to Barack Obama and Trayvon Martin.

However, what is known about the handling of that particular exercise. Amid pressure from the NAACP and several Democratic lawmakers to pursue Zimmerman, the Justice Department has set up a public email address asking for any tips or information regarding the case. The move appears to mark an expansion of the probe, after Attorney General Eric Holder said in an address Tuesday to the NAACP that his department would “consider all available information” before deciding whether to move forward.

scalesOur greatest concern and what guides us to the most prayer is that we hope all parties concerned with this sorrowful situation do the right things with all those concerned.

He added that he made it “a policy not to comment” on cases in which legal action was pending.

Is this to include the Harvard professor, Treyvon Martin, George Zimmerman, the entire cities of Baltimore, Charleston, and Ferguson MO with regards to Michael Brown, the police officers involved, and authorizing the Justice department to do a full scale investigation under the then found guilty of Contempt of Court, USAG Eric Holder? Does anyone remember what Obama’s FIRST promise to America was? Something to do with the closure of Gitmo Bay!

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