A Small Responsibility of Congress

A Small Responsibility of Congress

450px-george_washington_museum_statueDuring these times of somehow suspense or perhaps more like the fear of God, with some actual members of the Congressional body are actually vying for the nomination to run for president — PLEASE, everyone who gets the opportunity to read this start with me here:

First up: These people are not running for President — they are running for the political party’s endorsement and “Atta boy” for your nomination.

Secondly: Questions should be focused on policy matters, both domestic and especially foreign. Furthermore, think of where our  Nation has been and ask: “Are you satisfied with it?”

We have this generic question that goes like: “Ask Hillary Clinton what was done responsibly and what was accomplished by the State department, while she was the Secretary of State.”

We already know that there is not a thing, a notion, even an idea worth its salt that some lambasting pundit wants to convince us otherwise.

Senate's Gang of Eight

Senate’s Gang of Eight

But hey, let’s be fair about this: Other than Mr. Jeb Bush (don’t even think of it!) who has never held a seat in Congress is the only person who is able to answer that question with any dignity. Remembering of course that Messrs. Graham and Rubio was of this group who went to the “Crazy Eights” to try and appease President Obama and the American people that the Senate bill 744 was what they stood behind. Yuk!

You see and please understand that I am a card carrying member of NumbersUSA and definitely have more experience vis-a-vie Immigration Law or matters thereto than both of them put together! It has been surprising to me that one if not both of their staff’s have not called me in for an interview. Nope may as well let them step into a potential position AGAIN without proper knowledge.

Third: Look at both Houses of Congress, let’s ask them what they are so damn proud of, you won’t be taking notes.

Therefore, let’s have a look at what Congress is supposed to be doing (As for me, on a daily basis!) with a litany of committees, Staff’s everywhere they office, and just sign the envelop please for delivery…

The new 114th Congress has a responsibility to address growing spending and debt. This is especially true following the post-election pledge made by House Speaker John Boehner (R–OH) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–KY) to address “a national debt that has Americans stealing from their children and grandchildren, robbing them of benefits that they will never see and leaving them with burdens that will be nearly impossible to repay. “In acting on its pledge, Congress should adopt a concurrent budget resolution that reveals to the American people just how Congress intends to put the budget on a path to balance.

The Role of the Budget Resolution

The budget resolution is a key tool in Congress’s arsenal. Congress sets spending and revenue targets in the budget resolution, which guide congressional committees in proposing legislation. The budget committees can enforce Congress’s targets by blocking legislation that would exceed them with “points of order.” Unlike ordinary bills, a concurrent budget resolution can go into effect without the President’s signature. It only requires a majority vote to pass, including in the Senate, where it is filibuster-proof. Congress should fully leverage this opportunity to reveal its plan to address growing spending and debt next year, and in the long run.     Capone

The budget resolution enables Congress to use another important tool: reconciliation. Reconciliation directives instruct committees to devise legislation by a specific date that meets Congress’s spending and tax targets. Like the budget resolution, a reconciliation bill is filibuster-proof in the Senate, meaning it requires only a majority vote to pass. But unlike a budget resolution, a reconciliation bill can enact legislation through an expedited voting process, assuming the President signs its components into law. Congress should target full Obamacare repeal using reconciliation, especially since most of Obamacare was enacted using reconciliation in 2010. Much more tomorrow. . .

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