Obama, please resign!

white houseIf anyone out there who literally reads this effort at citizen’s journalism well we believe it is time to ask, — Have we as a people, have we as a Nation, have we as a people that believes in a free market economy, as well as the tenets that accompany our personal values, learned what this world may possibly look like if we stay the current course that we have been taking? Attempting to spell-out what this means is a fundamental question that should permeate the cracks in the White House.

Most diplomats, both experts in their respective fields are calling (a nice  the Real Obamaway of yelling) for President Obama to do anything — err something albeit to change his vocabulary dissonance, perhaps his love for Islam, which in essence means to stop lying at the very issues that confront us just about on a daily basis now. It has become very evident by now that there is not a Democrat party member who will call a situation a situation. I mean even after the Democrat party members debate — moreover, during and after the tragedy in Paris, not one of them with heavy emphasis on Madam Hillary Rodham Clinton, will come to a conclusion in lieu of what has been happening still refuses to call it Islamic jihadist terrorism.

Hillary clintThis and other activities prompt me to say and feel, what kind of leadership does the United States have? This Nation was founded upon Judeo-Christian beliefs; please don’t get me wrong — I for one, am not saying that everyone should confirm Christianity as their “religious” way. Nope! I will not say that simply because that admonition would intrude on the beliefs and liberties of others here who don’t want to ascribe to them. Fine. Nowhere in our U.S. Constitution does it say “my way or the highway.”

Furthermore, reading that same rule of law guide, does not say that I have to put up with anyone’s brand of bull-squat either. Yet, while being the practical person that I am, I would offer a stipulation to those (if any) organizations, groups, or institutions that say or otherwise act against the values and/or principals of this Nation — to borrow a quote from an original Founding father, President Thomas Jefferson,

“The privilege and use of Rights, should always be done with respect and dignity.”

One of the single most — or simply the greatest problem with this countryus constitution a reader — is that being the “land of immigrants” to some forgets the most important step. What makes immigration different from the sixteenth century to the twenty first century is not something that many journalists or others performing in the world of writing too often leave out. And I say this without impunity — although most diplomats, especially politicians, and those who vaguely resemble fakers is this: I wouldn’t or have I ever been to another’s country with the respect that the people have earned.

Most of all, we find it unconscionable that a person would immigrate to this Nation and not follow the fundamental rule of law, which as most people already know is to treat all people, off all races (whatever that means), and especially gender with the same class, dignity, grace, and opportunity as they deserve.

Of course we have a problem with people who immigrate to this Nation without going through the immersion steps of learning what it is that makes us — why you endeavored to relocate here anyway.

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