Immigration, Refugee, Asylum, or just wandering around status..?

Immigration, Refugee, Asylum, or just wandering around status..?

imagesC083B7C4Here are some portions of a much bigger and dramatic article that is very much like “Common Sense” legislation, that endeavors to ask — Have we as a Nation gotten any closer to making heads or tails of national domestic policy such as the ability to monitor and or help illegal immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, or any combination thereof, to adjust, assimilate, or more importantly — to show them a means of accountability that hopefully the rest of us are living by?

Under zero-tolerance should anyone in the world condone, argue, debate, or otherwise the tragic events that have occurred in Paris, France throughout the last week. Period. There is not one single group of people living in the United States; albeit, the middle class protesting going on at college campuses or making sure to include any activist who for some reason or another feels as though what members of The Islamic State hereinafter referred to as ISIS or ISL, had some “right” to deliver the devastation, disease, and dying in France.

After almost ten (10) years of writing here on Word Press itDHS_cis_1_T%20_SearchResults should come as no surprise to anyone who cares that the most often issues written about are matters that deal with immigration law and immigration standards to the U.S.A. Hoping that the reader will be encouraged to participate allow us to pose a couple of questions.

1- Since Barack Obama took office as the POTUS has anything that he remotely promised as a candidate, or junior senator from Illinois, come to fruition? NO. Moreover, why on earth would someone trying to gain access to this country align themselves with the Democratic Party.

During Barack Obama’s third year in office he began to make moves that he quite cleverly “sold” or tried to sell to the American people about how and when the now infamous Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill would happen. “Finally, if we’re serious about economic growth, it is time to heed the call of business leaders, labor leaders, faith leaders, law enforcement — and fix our broken immigration system.”

Now wanting to keep this list short and readable, can we say without any question of doubt that any of this happened? NO, we cannot. Barack Obama’s “on my own system” entails letting tens of millions illegal immigrants relocate here, heck and why he’s at it let’s give them a “Protected Status.”

Has our current leader even looked at our broken immigration system? No. Has he made any attempt at improving it for those of us Americans who already live here? NO. Face it — Has Barack Obama done anything whatsoever to assist Congress in making a set of laws? NOPE.

2 – Has Barack Obama or any associated diplomat made any progress on what is our Nation’s number one or two biggest problems? No! The economic condition within the country and the nonexistent immigration laws tell that story. Yet, we are experiencing a mass influx of blacks rioting – protesting on campuses today meddling into matters that are no concern of theirs.

Have you ever asked yourselves why this is? Maybe because our POTUS doesn’t know any better — or maybe this is the status quo for him.

3 – “Number one, it is important that we fix the legal immigration system, because right now we’ve got a backlog that means years for people to apply legally. And what’s worse is, we keep on increasing the fees, so that if you’ve got a hard working immigrant family, they’ve got to hire a lawyer; they’ve got to pay thousands of dollars in fees. They just can’t afford it. And it’s discriminatory against people who have good character, we should want in this country, but don’t have the money. So we’ve got to fix that.”

All this and so much more as the House of Representatives presented a bipartisan “common sense” piece of legislation (and it overwhelming passed!) asking for more time to register and provide identification for refugees and asylum-seekers from Syria.

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