The Manipulation of Rights…

The Manipulation of Rights…

thImmigration services from a charitable group based in Tulsa is extending its reach to Muskogee with bi-monthly meetings.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Tulsa will send an immigration lawyer to St. Joseph Catholic Church in Muskogee twice each month for consultations and follow-up appointments.

“Most of what we do here is family based immigration,” Michael Abdoveis said. “Basically, we’re either trying to keep folks here, bring them in legally or help them get legal status whenever they’re here.”

Abdoveis, the attorney taking on immigration services in Muskogee, said the services are for any immigrant who needs help. Some of the services offered through the charity include family petitions, green card replacement, naturalization, and helping the undocumented.

Abdoveis will be at St. Joseph, 321 N. Virginia St., the first Thursday of each month for new consultations and every third Thursday for follow-up appointments.

Abdoveis said they can help undocumented immigrants. He also said that any interaction with undocumented immigrants in his capacity as a lawyer is protected by client-attorney confidentiality.

This I fear is the biggest threat. It has sanctuary cities written all over it. It may not be as small as some would like it to be — meaning of course that the organization that seems to want to hide behind matters of negative consequence is in fact Catholic Charities — one of the nation’s largest and most effectual special interest groups.

It begs the attention of everyone reading to remember that it was in fact the National Council of Bishops that much interplay within the politics of ObamaCare. Now for anyone reading this short article it is profoundly noted that the people should, if not already, understand that the entire notion of a national healthcare system is good; however, the ruckus that has become ObamaCare is not good for anyone in the United States.

 This is an important matter to realize insofar as we are curious to investigate how much funding from Catholic Charities has gone to the actual sanctuary cities as well as Planned Parenthood. How is this the manipulation of rights? Any lawyer, insofar as they are “officers of the court” should stand neutral rather than addressing this situation as ” any interaction with undocumented immigrants in his capacity as a lawyer is protected by client-attorney confidentiality.”

To continue to let a slide by the law be a consistent ritual will inevitably bring side skirting of every law in every situation. Therefore, did Hillary Rodham Clinton do the right and ethical thing using her own private server on US business?

“If we can’t help them, we’ll give them an honest assessment as to why we can’t, and we’re happy to refer them to other lawyers in the area … that have expertise to offer them a second opinion,” he said. “We’d love for them to come in and try to find a way to get them documented.”

Immigration services through Catholic Charities cost a nominal fee. Abdoveis said the majority of the cost comes from court filing costs.
However, the immigration attorneys at Catholic Charities will not turn a person away because they make too little or too much money, Abdoveis said. The charity may do fee waivers or work with clients in other ways.

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