Immigration again causing turmoil in the Western United States…

Immigration again causing turmoil in the Western United States…

shitheadSeems a bit weird writing and/or editing an article for us folks after the Thanksgiving holiday. It just seems as a matter of “head change” when we can turn off this rabid sense of domestic leadership but all up, I do believe that humankind’s egregious ways can be turned off — although some of the quasi-leadership here like the POTUS, Barack Obama, seems to take their opportunity anywhere in the world to continue to show people and the world’s leadership just how stupid he is really.

The following is an article that originated as a letter to the editor of the South Jersey Times. I am not endorsing the letter in any way. Our intentions as a dedicated member of NumbersUSA, Judicial Watch, as well as The Heritage FoundationThe Contemplative Thinker is that of a non-profit activist group. Now then to the letter:

My view is that socialist doctrine is the current philosophy of life in the West.

Here in America we have 46 million people on food stamps. We have government-subsidized housing and medical care. Government is taking care of the basic needs of millions of people.

Business owners are OK with this. They love it that the taxpayers are forced to subsidize their underpaid labor resources. The business world is socialist, and it has provided the left with the political and legal weapons to attack a free-market economy.

Business owners enforce political correctness doctrine the most. These owners want their foreign labor protected, not because this labor is better, but because it is cheaper. This is having a disorganizing effect in the western world.

Through immigration policy, the socialists are changing the makeup of the citizenry. I believe this has led to conflict in the West and will do so in the future. Such conflicts manifest themselves as confusion in foreign affairs.

To combat the trouble caused by liberal immigration policy, countries in the West will have to fight wars in other countries from which these workers originate. But if western economies are weak because of stagnant wages and loss of manufacturing, how can they fight their enemies? I guess the federal government will have to raise taxes to fight wars as well as to take care of the basic needs of the people.

Please raise taxes on incomes above $250,000. It would be just and fair to raise taxes on the rich liberal globalists who weakened the western world.

Clearly the writer of this particular letter should have been a bit more specific with the examples of a socialist doctrine as a philosophy. Having stated that much it would only be proper for me to counter with something along the lines of a Socialist Democracy, Authoritarian, or dictator style of socialism. In as brief as discussion as I can make is that with a Socialist form of government it basically means that all things produced and/or manufactured, and marketed are owned by the government. Oh yeah…there can be a private industry or economy; however, the government through taxation of the people really shows how it owns even private industry.

epaFurthermore, we believe that the author of the original Letter did an excellent job showing that America with 46 million people on food stamps with government-subsidized housing, day care facilities (Head Start), and medical care is a clear and concise way of illustrating that what is in place now, is not the original plan the Founders had when they outlined the government.

And again kudos on the notion of “[the] government is taking care of the basic needs of the people.” Although when one really rolls up their sleeves and gets into it, it is far, so much further than the basis needs of the people. I am sure as anything that the DHS is still paying for the hotel, food, clothing, and so forth for the 85,000 or more children that wound up in the USA in July/August 2015 from Middle and South America.

As far as the admitting of war-torn refugees and asylum-seekers this is the time when immigration reform policy should be being worked on and toned. We definitely are in agreement with the recent House vote to slow down the refugee process — and I would love to say that any person who cannot understand our dilemma, then they have shown their character to be bad and disqualified from the list.

By South Jersey Times Letters
on November 30, 2015 at 1:10 PM, updated November 30, 2015 at 1:12 PM

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