When will you speak up, compassionately?

thToday we feel that our writing would best serve our readers if we were to focus on the following three immediate issues. Donald Trump’s comments, the current sources within the immigration communities, and what are you doing as a Muslim, Mexican, Guatemalan, Russian, Checz, Saudi Arabian, African, or in the event you are from any other place other than America for America and those who are in the immigrant communities.

Ah! Finally and at last! This organization, The Contemplative Thinker, has made it as one of our objectives to make available our readers the current disparities as well as the egregiousness that falls as a direct result of non-compliance within the Department of Homeland Security and all immigration agencies on the American people. Indeed a much shorter way of saying the same thing would be on one side of the paper write all of the positives, and on the other side all of the negatives.

It has become known that the main-stream media ran Donald Trump’s immigrant comments (i.e., Hispanic and Muslim) over and over and over again until it had become a very issue used in such mediums as political campaigns, hate speech (with prejudice) and all up condemned a person for exercising his 1st amendment rights.

We do not care about Trump’s statement. We do care how America reacts about it, and the donaldwhat he says. All too often political candidates who are actively campaigning are running themselves far too thin. How many of us could have five appointments a day, all of which are in a different state, so one has to fly or have lengthy drives to confirm or make the appointment.

Further now, all of this travelling and giving speeches are we certain we will not say something that is taken out of context? Just think of the main-stream media and how they make it so. As for most of us here we have considered to a momentous degree what words were used; moreover, we looked and debated what it was that Trump was trying to convey. In all instances we also considered past politicians and what they not only have stated but also what they have done. Enough said.

People that come to this nation must realize the “freedom of speech” right in this country. We know it is something that is not taught on the naturalization exam; nonetheless, we believe that it becomes a personal responsibility for anyone and everyone to study the notion.

From here in this writing I need to ask: “Where are the everyday Muslims that should be speaking up after grave tragedies that occur at the hands of people who have the same belief system as the terrorists do? Not once has the main-stream media carried an open “Letter” on behalf of the Muslim community located here. As for me only, I have yet to hear any one of the advocacy groups or special interest groups or individuals say anything! (Please see this link: Discover the Networks).

Basically all I hear is another court hearing for some kind of discrimination lawsuit or hate speech; furthermore, I will add that the statistical data that I’ve seen shows that millions of dollars are being awarded to the Muslim community.

DHSTrust us when we say that there is more than enough bull squat going on within these agencies alone to do any sort of complete job; moreover, when one looks at the funding permitted and handed over to these agencies for entitlement programs, illegal immigrant rights, and other types of reasons not to get a correct border fence erected on the southern border, there is collusion occurring in those agencies, collusion in the form of crime and corruption.

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