What a Difference between the Same place

What a Difference between the Same place

2015So Happy New Year to everyone! Today I have decided to share one certain very small part of my forthcoming book with you. Starting from “Since” (below) is a short and very small attempt to explain what the New World may have looked like from someone — who after weeks or months of in climate weather literally riding the waves on a slippery bow of a ship. I would like to know your own personal feelings if you happened upon a book that displayed this kind of preface. (Begin.. ↵)

Since none of us has the divine right to carry on in life more than say th1WYA2QSBone hundred years or so, this could quite possibly be the most interesting or most illuminating book you will have the pleasure of reading. The intention in this preface is to allow today’s reader to look and perceive how yesterday’s Americans viewed the country they were trying to make. America was perceived as one entity to the Puritans’ and quite a different entity to those in the middle colonies even though the settlements of Virginia and Massachusetts were relative in establishing. Imagine, if you will, the overwhelming sense of awe that came over the first settlers at Jamestown in southern Virginia in 1607, at Plymouth in Massachusetts in 1620, as well as other landings along the coast of North America in the earliest decades of the seventeenth century.

Moreover, it is quite a reflection period as one takes the time to imagine the overcrowdingOuter-Banks-North-Carolina on the numerous ships that decided to make the sojourn from England to the new world notwithstanding those who could afford the price of passage. The average crossing took approximately thirty days give or take; however, there are many suggestions that claim that the thirty day travel was really an advertising gimmick to assist those who were warily in their decision-making.

autumnNonetheless it took quite a decision to get up, sell what was not needed, and try and pack those keepsakes albeit, clothes, shoes, jewelry, as well as the new furniture one received for their wedding. Needless to say that when these passengers arrived to board their ships, the grounds must have resembled a modern day swap meet! Indeed for most passengers there were limitations of what could be boarded whether or not an individual had the funds or not. So it is not a foregone conclusion to imagine that many of grandma’s grand-piano’s were not in, on, or being towed to the ports. One may assume that the expression, “hat, arse, and gloves” were the only items allowed on the ships.

thUNWR8ESLHowever imagine casting your eyes on everything from the coastal areas and on to the Appalachian mountains, or the Piedmonts, the rich grazing lands, and of course the little English neighborhoods that had literally been constructed by the surrounding perch tree sites. Most of these little English communities were built only a short distance from the docks; therefore, that alone made the perception of the new world that much more illuminating — inasmuch as these little townships were built on the edge of the unknown land.

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