If I, in any body of US Government, had Executive Privilege

If I, in any body of US Government, had Executive Privilege

USCIS_Sig_Rib_VertThere is not even an “smidgen of doing anything wrong with…” the direct termination of President Barack Obama. There are branches of government that could initiate the process; however, like it or not “We the People” who have taken our power and have allowed certain officials within the government to harness our power and choose what is best for us. As for me I just wonder about the rest of the American people and their levels of either tolerance or laziness along the direct lines of stupidity.

Please don’t misunderstand me here. I do not think that the American public are stupid. Lackadaisical maybe, lassie-faire definitely, yet I wonder if people are going to do anything about this misuse of power, going against the law of the land, or tyranny.

Leadership is a social influence process in which the leader seeks the voluntary participation of subordinates in an effort to reach organization goals (Omolayo, 2000), a process whereby one person exerts social influence over other members of the group (Bamigboye, 2000).

Furthermore, leadership style is the pattern of behaviors engaged in byimages2NI1D3YW leader when dealing with employees. Lewin, Leppit, and White (1939) identified three leadership styles which are autocratic, democratic and lassie-faire. Autocratic leadership style involve the leader making all the decisions, wielding absolute power, assigning task to members of the group and maintaining a master-servant relationship with members of the group.

On the other hand, democratic leadership style involves the use of consultative approach, encourages group participation in decision making and maintaining a master-servant relationship with group members. (Omolayo, 2007:1).

The lassie-faire leadership style involves noninterference policy, allows complete freedom to all workers and has no particular way of attaining goals. However, there is no one best style of leadership. The effectiveness of particular style is dependent on the organizational situation (Omolayo, 2004).

scalesAt any rate it is incumbent on us as Americans to establish an effective leadership to an extent to which a leader continually and progressively leading and directing his/her followers to the agreed destination which is defined by the whole group.

Therefore without any further adieu, please be advised that President Barack Obama is going to unleash a load of executive actions tomorrow, January 5, 2016, as a means of saying “Happy Holidays.” When! Oh when! Please grant me the courage to accept the things…

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