A Look at the Framers through their own words and Documentation

A Look at the Framers through their own words and Documentation

the-goooo21Let these remarks be known and construed as if coming straight from the Framers of the US Constitution. The source data remains unquestionably the same, that is, either being from the Federalist Papers, Notes on Virginia, the Declaration of Rights taken from George Mason’s original writings as well as through the Declaration of Rights, Constitutional Chaos by Judge Napolitano, The Federalists Papers: The Modern Language Indexed Edition, Invasion, by Michelle Malkin, Original Meanings by Jack N. Rakove, as well as a lovely newer book called How America Got It Right by Bevin Alexander.

Allow me to explain — I owe this feeling of mismanagement and constitutional denial to my 4th grade teacher, Miss Holder, as well as by Mr. McCune my 8th grade middle school Civics and Social Studies teacher, and certainly from 9th to 11th grade Civics, Politics, and Social Studies teacher who although was as fine a gentlemen ever to walk our planet, but could be a difficult instructor insofar as he made it seem as though it was a hard, laborious task getting the US Constitution ratified and just how much work those individuals had in getting the ratification done.

Therefore, as I have done many times over and then some — Perfect Separation: People Appoint all Officials — Of the first part, this implies that it is through the vote that the people make decisions as to who will lead them. This has been one of Obama’s major plays in his own public service record and his approval rating.

However the Framers had discussed the notion of organizing the people’s help with this comment: “They may also help us judge the principles and structure of the government planned by the convention.” There was no stretch of imagination at this point. Furthermore, as put forward by James Madison stating, “To a certain extent everyone agrees that a separation of the different powers of government is essential to the preservation of liberty.”

Now some truth towards the Obama administration. I loathe when some news commentator, or their featured guest says loudly, “Oh the President cannot work with Republicans or that end of Congress.” Please…please all readers take notice of some old tricks presented here: Please let’s take this time to see beyond the fake elitist “diplomacy.” What is the truth about this concerted argument is in the notion that the President and hisapproval-congress advisors get together for some bill or another; then both houses of Congress are put on alert or alarm to the legislation he wants passed. Now then — good negotiation as well as good diplomacy requires some degree of compromise from all sides of the matter concerned. Where this notion turns into ramped ugliness is where the President will not even look at what hundreds of people worked on; moreover, thousands of their constituents being heard one way or the other, yet the President makes a small unpopular joke about Republicans and issues a very formal “No.”

I ask any and all of you did Obama even try to compromise — where this sly piece of rubbish fails every time on him is in matters of, (1) his own Democratic Party members are getting quite sick of him and his ways; (2) because of the way Obama does not negotiate whatsoever, he uses executive privilege/power to see that HIS WAY is going to win, temporarily at best. (3) In short where Republicans get it the most is during national budget time.

Clearly this is where all of our leadership albeit in the two houses of Congress or the Judiciary, and mainly within the executive branch of government — we move to one of the greatest expressions — Government Reflects Human Nature; Angels Don’t Need Government — It may be a reflection on human nature that such devices are necessary to control the abuses of the government. What is government itself but the greatest reflections on human nature?

If men were angels, no government would be necessary. Basically if angels governed men [and women] controls would not be necessary. In framing government a government that is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: You must first enable the government to control the governed, and force it to govern itself.

And herein lies the greatest problem of all…

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