Why the article made me sick

Why the article made me sick

MV5BMTA5MzkyMzIxNjJeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDU0MDk0OTUx__V1_SX214_AL_In lieu of my writing of yesterday, 88th Annual Academy Awards bracing for another Tsunami of bad press, I would like to come out with some type of reasonable response for why the article made me sick. Why on earth would an award ceremony get a title wave of bad press? Well if you will allow me perhaps I can put some meaning to the words used.

First and foremost who – what other profession honors themselves to the grandiose methods as the thespian guild of America? Academy Awards, USA or Golden Globes, USA, or maybe it’s Primetime Emmy Awards, well there is always the BAFTA Awards (England’s obsession) Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA, American Film Institute, USA, then let’s continue Behind the Voice Actors Awards, then each of the various cities internationally wants to award these folks with something, such as the Boston, Los Angeles, Venice, Denver, Dallas, Berlin, Australian Society of Film Critics Awards, and now for an industry that feels the need for ceremonial rubbish man, they get them started at a young age such as Teen Choice Awards, Breakout Star Award, and even Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association. That is a incomplete list of what the award season actually looks like.

Now of course I believe a person should be acknowledged especially at the workplace, but hey, when does enough become enough? Yet when I see something that is stated and I ask myself honestly, “What would happen if I used the word ‘white’?” Do I for a moment think that I could or should? No way gang!

What on earth does a person’s color have to do with it? Absolutely nothing.Beasts of No Nation
In fact, Hollywood used to be the place (films, talk shows) where one could not be accused of being anything. But things only last for how long people go by the rules. Which leads me to say something about some films. Does anyone really need a synopsis for Straight Outta Compton? How about Creed? How about Beasts Of No Nation?

But easily what offended me most was Cheryl Boone Issac’s talk about black artists, diversity, and “We have got to speed it up.” I honestly hope that I’ve made myself clear.

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