Define dual nationality

Define dual nationality

Airport at Nevada McCarron2We have always wondered here around the office or various social engagements if people — those who are in influential and/or affecting positions — are using common sense before their mouths become engaged in some very, very comprehensiveable dialogue. What we mean specifically is that during this time of proven lack of appropriate leadership, making ridiculous decisions, becoming so tyrannous to the ways in which this nation was started and for those who kept American values in place.

It is nothing anymore to hear hateful speech coming out of these makeshift leaders. Hateful speech in just one aspect that these not so uncommon mouths are adopting. We have mentioned this before but there will never be enough said about it — the amount of lying or fabricating about the truth of any matter.

Let’s all just come down to listening. It has not done my brain any good to watch and listen to a President who uses the Constitution for his own private well-being; furthermore, when the same President tells reporters albeit on the street, in the White House, or then again on any one of the late night shows, that he will emphatically not do various acts — insofar as those decisions would be illegal — and then turn around and do exactly what he said he either could not or would not do.

The new rules will have some exceptions for people who have visited any of those four68b3a361d9136bb4d1d858e85765e2289f754d89_jpg_cf countries for business, government, humanitarian or journalistic reasons. But they are not clear as to how the U.S. will define dual nationality, which is likely to further frustrate members of the Iranian, Iraqi, Sudanese and Syrian diaspora — many of whom have never visited those four countries.

The above paragraph was written over at Politico and the paragraph shows precisely what is happening in America. Confusion, bewilderment, a real lack of clarity, and disorder which we believe have either set the American people aloof or many as mad as a trapped wild animal.

We believe that before or if a President causes this type of confusion, chaos, and perplexity then he should be dealt with at once. To put this into a more understandable situation — there is no lack of confusion to the point of upheaval with the status of our lack of a good immigration foreign policy. In fact the House of Representatives just passed a bill detailing how and for what reasons refugees could be detained or flatly refused to enter our nation.

In less than one week’s time legislation that so many Americans wanted for safety and security was just about demolished by President Obama’s lack of any understanding of what currently is the nature of the US immigration problem.

It does occur to me on a daily basis that if I do not know what I am doing, then of course I stop working immediately. And if this sick and sadistic makeshift President who would side with a terrorist or in the Muslim way then he has no business in the Presidential Office whatsoever.

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