Anti-Clintonian Machine and Those Others who are Lying

Anti-Clintonian Machine and Those Others who are Lying

ea6f7d98-2c33-4fdf-8095-2cdb4967f741The chairman of the House Select Committee charged with investigating the 2012 attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya said he does not think any of the 22 classified emails on Hillary Clinton’s home server are related to the attack and asked his colleagues in Congress to “shut up” and let the FBI probe the recent revelation.

“Everything I have heard about (FBI Director) Jim Comey tells me he is a straight arrow,” South Carolina U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy said on Boston Herald Radio. “I am going to give him the room to do his investigation. He is not supposed to tell anyone what he is doing, he is not supposed to tell anyone what’s found and I wish my colleagues would shut up talking about the FBI investigation because this an executive branch entity.

Okay for realities sake — There is not an American Consulate aka the American Embassy located in Benghazi, Libya the night it was attacked in 2012. I do not understand what Trey Gowdy R-SC is commenting on other than the “place” where the September 11, 2012 attack went down.

This misinformation is absurd. Unless the Establishment Government has again been US-POLITICS-OBAMAmaking laws in the nation’s capital without allowing the American people know about it — all anyone need to do is listen or watch any one of numerous House Select Committee’s sickening results of the former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s account of what it was that precisely went on.

For a laughable, yet laudable moment tune in an watch these Congressional and other diplomatic people stutter around trying to find a name for the place they are referring too. Is it not always this way when the Clinton’s get into trouble?

Listen to independent counsel with President Bill Clinton in all of his arrogance, “it depends on the meaning of ‘is'”; consequently, as for Hillary Clinton is concerned she, through her and her colleagues’ fabrications vis-a-vie Whitewater scandal, her trade activities with Cattle futures, and by the way, how on earth does someone who says, “we have lost everything…including out home,” within months have a net worth of 250 million dollars and be campaigning for the Democratic nomination?

As all of us know there are slang sayings that portend, if you have nothing to hide, why act like it? Or better still, we the (USA) claim that character analysis and/or checking one’s behavior in order to make sure that immigrants are of good character, why not ask our political demagogues to stand up for a vetting process?

But the problem remains — if there are one or more people involved with even a slight wrong doing, our nation has shown for well over 150 years for the participants to lie about it. Seriously take the eight minute video tape that the President told us was the motivation behind the Benghazi cluster. Then between the CIA and the FBI planning and organizing Ambassador Susan Rice’s talking points memorandum for the slew of Sunday morning talk shows.

It is now very clear that a particular organization is at full helm defending and deflecting Hillary Clinton as she goes — the Obama Administration.

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