Clinton email scandal has grown uglier

Clinton email scandal

Over the last few days the Clinton email scandal has grown uglier and more dangerous, not DEM 2016 Clintonjust for the Obama administration, but for the United States as well. Last week, we learned that Clinton had left deeply secret information unprotected, perhaps even endangering the lives of American operatives. Now, we’ve discovered that at least 22 of Clinton’s emails were so secret that the State Department still can’t release them (even the redacted versions are still too classified for general consumption)! However, the scandal may soon be spreading even further as the latest revelations implicate Secretary of State John Kerry in similar lawlessness and prove that President Obama has been lying to us for years!

Let us please have a look at what our thesis statement taken bit by bit actually means. Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is indeed growing far uglier each time there is a press release mentioning the information contained. Dangerous is indeed a key word yet receives the littlest attention.

There are literally men and women CIA and/or other intelligence agencies being named, given position in the world, and what is being worked on. And my gosh folks! The Obama administration is now shoulder deep in the mess, not to mention the State Department.

seal of dojAllow me to make this as easy as I can — we, as United States citizens, are allowing the most undignified, undiplomatic, “and I will make the laws and rules” person in this nation’s history to walk around daily. And of course we cannot even mention who she is implicating insofar as heck, we don’t have access to her emails, now then — that does not mean we do not possess the clearances, it is just these particular emails are for some “eyes only.”

We are unquestionably confronted with a dilemma that has never, as of yet, confronted us and our moral values, ethical, and the complete sense of cultural norms inasmuch as now there exists a positive link to the Obama administration.

This information does not surprise me insofar as Obama’s readily available scandal starters (SPIN control) acknowledging that whenever any of his cohorts or colleagues gets into trouble — my-oh-my prepare for some turn of events that will divert our attention from the obvious to a completely different piece of lawlessness that takes our attention away from those who are really involved.

LiarsPlease believe me when I openly admit — what has our nation come down to — when we have a Democrat Party member winning early in Iowa as did Hillary Clinton. Have the people changed that much in the USA? We perceive a vilified, “do any of the tricks” political party endorsing a candidate that has apparently lost (or never had) the right disposition of life. And now there are so many people that are backing this woman that makes me wonder what the hell is going on here?

To this day, even today, informally I have asked various individuals what do they see in Hillary Clinton? Today is really no different that the day prior, not one of these individuals can muster up and answer a question about why they endorsing Hillary Clinton.

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