Something We All Should be Aware of…

Something We All Should be Aware of…

DOSToday we would like to address something to our reader’s and for those who may stop by for a visit. We are only going to go back to 1998 when everyone we knew were gallantly putting their accoutrements away for what they had planned for the big year 2000!

In other establishments if you will, or communities there was a completely different matter all together going on if a different magnitude — albeit, some would call it a scandal but most assuredly it was almost deliberately revealed that our own President Clinton had engaged in yet another affair only this one maintained the forefront pages in the news.

Monica Lewinsky had literarily demonstrated to the world that DNA testing was here to stay. You see, apparently the President did not worry about where he left anything including a young lady’s dress.

However in 1998 a considerably bigger story was happening or, had already happened in 1996. It was during that year (1996) that President Clinton issued a waiver (sound familiar?) to the Loral Space and Communications Ltd., to launch a satellite from China!

The reason that Loral wanted to launch from China was because the costs were considerably less than doing here in the USA. Unfortunately for the United States something went wrong with the Chinese launch — terribly wrong and the satellite launch was destroyed.

In the post-accident report, Loral engineers supplied the Chinese with the technological data the Air Force said could aid the Chinese in future missile launches and could be detrimental to the United States. Furthermore, the State Department viewed the Loral incident as having the potential to provide technological assistance for future Chinese ballistic missile guidance systems.

One source told the Washington Post, “[The Chinese] were given some stuff, but there is a question of whether they have used it, or will use it.”

It is very important to note that the number one contributor to Democrats for the 1996 election was Bernie Schwartz, president of Loral Space and Communications! There was even a donation of $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars) that was made by a Chinese General’s daughter. It just so happened that this Chinese General had formerly operated a satellite-launching business.

white houseSeveral Chinese business persons were escorted in and out of the White House all the while hundreds of thousands of dollars filled the Democrat coffers. The Clinton administration was hauled before Congress to explain the Loral affair, but the White House maintained that Bernie Schultz’s contributions and his waiver to launch satellites in China were simply coincidence.

This much I do want to disclose — Richard C. Shelby R-AL, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, stated that CIA testimony in closed hearings showed that China tried to influence the outcome of the 1996 U.S. elections. Moreover, although China had been stealing secrets and spying for years before William Clinton became president, it is worthy to note that the Congressional inquiry found that sixteen out of seventeen major technological breaches were discovered after 1994.

There are of course a number of particulars that are not only reoccurring but with the same Departments, some same people, and a general aura of what is happening in America. Of the first part we find that an election was (like so many Democrat elections) tampered with by the Chinese and assisted in the outcome. Furthermore, we have a Democrat President in office who has been handing out waivers for everything from food stamps to waivers for illegal immigrants. And then Hillary Clinton is still out, screaming her lungs out, and remaining free regardless of who finds classified or top secret documents.

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