Foreign and Domestic Policy

The Thinker_1942There is no doubt about it. The Presidency of the first African American to be appointed to that position has failed – miserably. No! I am not a racist! And No! I am not a receiptant of “white privilege.” Furthermore, No! I am not a hater, or a member of the gotcha group, and No! I am not a discriminator of any sort; however, allow me to speak to you about what I’m clearly am.

It is important for me, as a writer and historian, as well as you, the reader’s of this article to be as honest with ourselves first and then making sure to be as honest with each other. Again, it is most important to me that as a society or a culture that we be as real to each other as possible.

From 1963 to 1973 members of my family felt that the conditions that black people were subjected to here in the United States, as well as other neighboring nations, believed that the restrictions put toward black Americans was appalling.

There is no doubt about it. The Presidency of the first African American, President Barack Hussein Obama is a proven disaster. Just for starters one cannot effectively “lead from behind.” Although this ideology was never mentioned during his campaign’s it still nonetheless was what he adjusted into. Because of this leadership style uproar what resulted was a very errant Domestic policy as well as an egregious Foreign policy.

images2NI1D3YWFor starters let’s have a look at Foreign policy. Does one even exist? After all of this time in office with trillions of dollars at his back, can anyone tell me what immediately comes to your mind when it comes to Foreign policy? If we believed in strength don’t you feel as though we would see it. There would be educational programs for the newly enlisted; and you don’t know at the age of new recruits where you are going to get your loan to buy a house?

It takes courage, bravery, and discipline to be in uniform. These are the very important tenants when confronted with combat. They are also the tenants when becoming a student, successful business person, entrepreneur, husband, father, uncle, brother, and above all a servant. So when one enters the realm of basic training — remember it is these tenants that form what are American values.

Speaking of which, why do you think all these immigrants want to relocate to the U.S.A. It is simply because from the moment of becoming a nation we have had a rule of law — that to obey it makes you an American.

Airport at Nevada McCarron2Domestic policy is where I have a real problem with this Barack Hussein Obama. The government as established by men brought together the rules and values of the ancient Greek city/states, through to the Roman Empire and especially dealings with people. Has this president ever asked you or me if we wanted 12 million extra people in our country? No! Never!

This pseudo-president was making up Waivers, Deferments, and ruining America with his ugly ways. And to think for an instant that special privileges do not exist well ask your neighbor. Anyone hear of Valarie Jarrett? Then you’ll see.

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