North Korea gets Sanctions from U.S. – “Groundhog Day”

North Korea gets Sanctions from U.S. – “Groundhog Day”

_AL_C’mon now, who here has not seen the film, “Groundhog Day” featuring Bill Murray, Margaret Qualley’s mother, the gorgeous Andie MacDowell, and as for films and television of course Chris Elliott of many roles fame.

The point here is that Bill Murray’s character, Phil, is a weatherman who for the fourth straight year gets pushed by the network producers to cover the traditional Groundhog Day festivities in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. However, in his characters design Bill Murray makes absolutely no intention to cover up his frustration to cover whether or not this particular groundhog sees its shadow, thus determining Spring is here!

I have always wondered is Washington’s leadership or in this case President Barack Obama can readily see that alleging sanctions against North Korea for launching a satellite-carrying rocket into space and conducting their fourth underground detonation of the nuclear bomb is an effective strategy to use against North Korea.

Not too long ago I can distinctively remember the same man, in the same party, say precisely the same thing about a nation called Iran and the diplomacy he intended to use was again sanctions. Enough is enough already!

Both actions led to worldwide condemnation of the reclusive country and fueled fears that it continues to move toward building an atomic arsenal.

I want to share this portion of an article with you whereby Democratic and Republican lawmakers, many of whom say Obama hasn’t been tough enough on North Korea, overwhelmingly approved the bill last week and sent it to the White House. The House voted 408-2, following a unanimous vote by the Senate. As for me, one simply cannot blame both party leaders for moving their respective Chambers to vote powerfully.

One furthermore cannot resist the remorse of the stupid “Iran Nuclear Deal.” Indeed Obama consulted with Chinese President Xi Jinping after the Jan. 6 nuclear test, and with the leaders of Japan and South Korea after the rocket launch to reaffirm the U.S. commitment to their security.

The U.S. has also opened talks with South Korea about developing more missile-defense systems to eliminate the possibility that a North Korean missile could reach U.S. facilities.

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