A Different Opinion

A Different Opinion

kardashian_2For the longest time I wished that these observations were from me only. However, I have been surprised by so many post readers that I am not the only one — that it is people who unknowingly happen upon a site run by these girls or maybe it is someone’s cable television that is on the fritz! Who the f**k knows or cares?

I write for anyone’s pleasure and/or suffering but this “Kardashian Plague” that has been going on for some time now that really make me believe that our nation is far worse off than I had originally suspected.

Someone, anyone…please moreover, paleez enlighten me as to what it is that is possibly happening with these girls that is different than any other person in the phone book. I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED, Katie Kamperfelt.

First and foremost I will reveal perhaps one of my best untold secrets: First in my opinion Kim Kardashian is not attractive in any means known to humankind. How did she get known? Sex tape! While once a quasi-friend of Paris Hilton’s; furthermore, I believe the best thing for an heiress like a Hilton is to get as far away as possible from what in all honesty does not amount to dung.

The was a time when Paris Hilton faced her struggle with growing up rich and clearlybff-paris-hilton-and-kim-kardashian conceited, but with a name like Hilton it carried its weight with local judges and young Paris was spared. Now then the moral of this consequence is that a “Hilton” will always be somehow newsworthy even in social circles!

But why all the “to — do” adieu with the Kardashian sisters? Other than butt plugs, augmentation mammoplasties, get that nose shortened because one is looking like they are from the Middle East and NOT Hollywood! And it is getting a lot worse!

One cannot even turn on their computers and log into the Internet anymore without seeing (today’s count) at the very least five headlines for either one of their spouses trying to commit suicide, going banco on $53 million in debt, and this clown Kanye West is hounding every one from Zuckerberg to Santa Clause, forbid at least one’s own spouse, or maybe the family will rally for you, Sir. Do not count on it though…did you think she was marrying you? C’mon already!

robert_kardashian_oj_simpson_1995Now then what’s worse is just this — somehow or another this family no doubt on behalf of Robert Kardashian (father and quasi-good attorney) ended up getting in with the Jenner’s. All we need is for Kylie to grow up and learn to become a model while Caitlyn Jenner is still getting over Kris Jenner’s report to the Fashion Police that Caitlyn Jenner was the “Worst Dressed” individual at New York’s Fashion Week.

America! There is so much more to be concerned about than the Kardashian’s, Jenner’s, West’s, and a former Laker trying to do himself in. Got it? Good.

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