Obama Sends Plan to Congress

Obama Sends Plan to Close Guantánamo to Congress

68b3a361d9136bb4d1d858e85765e2289f754d89_jpg_cfWe are talking about the last minute to save some type of legacy here. This is kindly referred to as the “home stretch.” Up and including this point in the proceedings President Obama has been caught by his own politics. As it stands now it is “Legacy versus the safety of American people.”

Yet let me avail all of you with one question: When has Obama ever worried about the safety of the American people? Actually this just outright disturbs me — What you ask? — That this politician is still politicking in his final hours in office.

First and foremost President Obama does not have the executive where with all to independently close and/or shut down Guantanamo prison. This is the inherent reason he must first go to the Congress.

Let’s all ask ourselves this question: What has the POTUS been doing for the last eight years although he campaigned before his election to see that it was closed within his first year?

President Obama sent Congress a plan on Tuesday to close the United States military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, his latest attempt to deliver on an unfulfilled promise of his presidency, which faces near-certain rejection by Congress. The prison has come to symbolize the darker side of the nation’s antiterrorism efforts, but the series of steps that Mr. Obama outlined at the White House were as much an acknowledgment of the constraints binding him during his final year in office as they were a practical blueprint for transferring prisoners.

In presenting them, the president made little secret of his frustration that his quest to close Guantánamo, once regarded as a bipartisan moral imperative, had become a divisive political issue.

Here is a graphic that shows where have all the detainees and when they were moved:


For Obama’s Watch

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